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    Thank you,

    Ha what a plum, I can't quite believe they could say that.

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    @tommmmmmm & @Sumo get a pink bike, the instructors don't tend to forget you....

    Yes thats the one, one bolt is set right back so I setup that one blind and then torqued the 2nd bolt and hoped it was level and in the right place..okay, tiny ratchet spanner, will have a look out

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    No way...were you in the first group ? Did he give any indication at all ?

    My feedback was: If you were being picky what would you say were the problems you had...I mentioned about the speed variables at the start and bunching people up behind me.

    Apart from that he said good luck in the stage 4 and off you go....nothing else.

    The saddle position is a major PIA, not that its hurts or anything its just a 2 bolt adjustment and I find it incredibly difficult to adjust. Will have a fiddle, I have no idea what my optimum position is, so as long as it does not hurt I have just got on with it !

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    Forgot to post this up after buying it..

    Have now completed stages 1,2 & 3 at Lee Valley....booking up stage 4 then onto the SQT's !

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    bored, bored, bored...

    Buying a house / Selling a house, offer accepted in mid Oct on buying house, sold ours start of Nov. Cash buyers for our house, people that we are buying from are moving into rental. Mortgage agreed, Dec.

    All paperwork completed on our sale on 23rd Dec (contract signed not dated in prep)

    Our purchase is a pain....why do solicitors do things iteratively ?

    Every time I think we are close to exchange they come back with another question. Why can they not work this out all up front ? Its all known,

    eg, Japanese Knotweed...

    We knew it had knotweed and the sellers had paid £11k to resolve the issue and had a 20yr guarantee to support the work from an accredited company.


    Property had knotweed - writes letter (sellers solicitor)
    (Our solicitor) Letter written back to ask for guarantee - They had this upfront as it was in the info pack
    (sellers solicitor) - supplies guarantee again
    (Our solicitor) Letter written back to ask for guarantee to be transferred
    (sellers solicitor) - advises that it'll be transferred upon completion

    Why does this take 2 weeks....I had a conversation in an evening and then looked online to check the accreditation etc.

    TBH its only been 13 weeks including Christmas so maybe i am just impatient, I just can't wait to double my mortgage !

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    My boss has just finished the same sort of extension, Hers was £60k excluding the kitchen (build cost)...frameless glass would have added another £20k (i think). She lives in Chiswick so you could prob account for some West London inflation in there as well..

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    I will have the sweatshirt...pm'ing

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    I have a couple of these in my dinning room


    We are moving to a new house with higher ceilings...anyone know if you can just buy the pendant as i had to cut the cables for the current fitting.

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    I went for Silestone..any marks will buff out with a fine paste provided by the manufacturer


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    @Apone I was in Beckenham for 7 years, moved out 5 years ago as the family grew. Loved the place and was very convenient for links into London. Would move back in a heartbeat if I could afford it...Moved to Bexley as I could get more for my money, now moving to Sidcup (slowly getting closer)