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    Ingatestone Train Station
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    Thanks for coming out chaps - that was indeed a lovely evening.

    And @howradmichello , you were dead right - we were nearly killed by two rampaging deer after we disturbed them stealing conkers from someone's back garden.

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    Shhh, my reverse psychology is working!


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    Good work chaps.

    Yeah that route out is actually pretty good providing you have a bit of time on your side (it adds a couple of miles over the most direct/hellish routes I think). Certainly, for where you are based, it's worth a shot..

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    I seem to have man-flu, so will be slow, but I've put the ride up anyway...*


    *fully expecting zero reponse ;)

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    At the risk of flogging a dead horse... (but you'll be begging for dry evenings like this in a months time so pull your fingers out!)

    38 miles featuring live badgers and dead squirrels...

    Liverpool Street 19.18 arrives Ingatestone 19.45

    Return trains 22.02, 22.32, last 23.02


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    Just seen this update from Kurt... yikes.. :(

    ""This afternoon - my HR spike up over 210 and wouldn't come back down below 170 after 30 minutes so against my will, Alicia made me ride over to the urgent care. At urgent care my HR was 65 but garmin was recording 170. The top half of my heart was beating at 170 and the bottom half was beating at 65. So they hooked me up to an EKG and determined I was in Atrial Fibrillation and was sent over to the Heart Hospital. By the time I got to the Heart Hospital my heart was beating normally again. They took blood and determined my thyroid is wack and that I was dehydrated. I now wear a live tracking heart rate monitor and have an appointment with a cardiologist. No restriction on my activities for now. May sleep in tomorrow or may ride not sure how I'm feeling about all this. It was epic enough before - I don't need anything else to make this more challenging.."

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    Boylesports now paying the first 5 places on each-way bets on the road race, for those inclined..

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    I've never actually used one but it sounds like the light button should give you that option..?

    Edge 500 software version 2.40
    Changes made from version 2.30 to 2.40:
    • Fixed issue that was causing unit freezes on manual and auto laps
    • Fixed issue that was causing missing activities after reset
    • Fixed issue that was causing missing laps and bad timestamps in activities
    • Fixed issue causing large elevation readings to be recorded in activities that created errors when uploaded to Garmin Connect
    • Improved smart recording
    • Added a Statute UK setting that sets distance to miles, speed to mph, elevation to meters and temperature to Celsius
    • Fixed issues related to editing workouts
    • Fixed issues with ‘Repeat Until’ in workouts
    • Implemented a prompt if the timer is not reset after 4 hours to remind the user to reset
    • Corrections to ANT wheel speed, size and auto calibration with PT hubs
    • Course Map Zooming -> The device now pops up a page on the course map with the light key like is done for the course scaling. This page will allow the user to set the zooming to auto or to some set zoom level.