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    Thanks very much for the enquiries and positivity. I will be keeping the tumblr blog and facebook page updated, so if you want to keep up to date, it's easiest to follow them. I've pt some more photos up today, including our new diesel tank, engine progress, and saloon table leg.

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    This is it parked on dad's driveway.

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    The basic idea of our crowd funding campaign is to obviously raise the money to finish the boat, and in return we will offer the opportunity to sail with us in the future. As mentioned above, we will not be making any profit from the trip, but will ask for £20/day to cover the cost of food, fuel, and keeping the boat afloat, so if someone wants to donate £200 to our campaign, for example, this will equate to 10 days of sailing in the future at a location of their choice! We will publish our route plan soon, but the first leg is from Suffolk, to cornwall, then to Morocco, where we will prepare for the Atlantic crossing, which will be around November. We will sail to Central America and the Caribbean where we will spend a few months cruising, before the hurricane season, then head South, eventually to Patagonia. We will spend the summer here before heading up the Chilean coast, and crossing the Pacific via Easter Island, to French Polynesia. If any of that takes your fancy, watch this space!
    We will be looking for at least a couple of other more experienced sailors to join us on the big crossings, but otherwise no experience is necessary, and you can learn to sail on-the-job!

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    Some of you might know me as a sailor/boatbuilder, but most of you probably don't have a clue who I am, so very briefly:
    -My name is Sam, I'm 25, a shipwright, currently working in Woodbridge, Suffolk.
    -I've spent most of my life on and around boats, and have sailed all over the world.
    -A couple of years ago I decided I wanted to sail on my own boat, not for someone else, so I decided to come home and rebuild an abandoned 40ft ketch with a friend.
    -We have been working flat-out since then, and are nearly finished.
    -We will be departing next year on a cruisey (probably about 5 year) westabout circumnavigation.
    -The boat is designed safely and comfortably around 6-7crew. There will be 2 of us permanently onboard, and the other spaces will be available to anyone who wants to sail with us. We will not be charging to sail with us, but the boat will be run on a shared-expenses basis, meaning each crew member will be asked to contribute no more than £20/day to cover the cost of food, fuel and maintenance.

    Here are some photos, to give you an idea of what we've done so far:

    This is the boat c.2007, sailing in the Med:

    This is the state we found the boat in, in 2012:

    To repair it, we had to remove all of the ballast (this took a whole summer!) and cut away all of the damaged hull and repair it:

    ...and re-ballast her:

    We were the left with an empty shell:

    ...which we are currently fitting out:

    ...and completely rebuilding the engine (it's been re-bored and skimmed, and is practically brand new now)

    We are aiming to be in the water by summer 2016, which is quite realistic, although we have a lot more work to do...
    So far everything we've done has been completely off our own backs. We have both worked really hard and put every penny we have into the boat. A typical day for me is: starting work at the boatyard at 8am, finishing at 4pm, then going straight to work on Annelis until 10 or 11pm. Then the weekends have been all boat work! However, we've reached a stage where we are going to need a little bit of help to get things finished, and will be mounting a modest crowd-funding campaign to help us buy the last chunk of materials- primarily about £5000 worth of special spar-grade timber, from Alaska, to build our new masts! We will be launching the campaign in the next few weeks, but we need a bit of help promoting what we're doing. We have set up a facebook page, which we have neglected, but will keep more up-to-date with regular posts, and a tumblr page too:



    Please feel free to 'like' the page for more regular progress reports, and we would be very grateful if you would share it, and help us spread the word!

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    Almost. It's a series 3. Got it for a very good price, as it's a bit tatty, and was running a bit lumpy. However; the chassis is pretty immaculate, and after a good service and adjusting the valve clearances (inlet on third cylinder was at 4.5mm, hence lumpy running), it's running sweet. It's a 2 1/4 diesel, which are pretty hard to find nowadays, as most of them were run into the ground, as farm vehicles. Very pleased with it, and as a bonus; it's tax exempt!

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    Went camping at the weekend, and took some photos for the first time in what seems like ages. I only normally take pictures for myself, but occasionally put stuff on here, if you want to look at some more stuff too: samueldoman.tumblr.com/

    IMG_3859-2 by Samuel Doman, on Flickr

    IMG_3783 by Samuel Doman, on Flickr

    IMG_3834 by Samuel Doman, on Flickr

    IMG_3816-2 by Samuel Doman, on Flickr

    IMG_3772 by Samuel Doman, on Flickr

    edit: wow, flickr really doe something awful to the quality!