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    I'm moving house so this has to go. It was my daily bike for a few years but since building a Surly Straggler in November last year it's not been ridden.

    I think the frame is from 2000 and was only sold as a f&f in this blue colourway. Details for the OTP option are here

    It's in pretty good condition, I replaced the wheels, cassette, chain and cables a few years ago and they still have plenty of life left in them. The bar tape needs replacing and the saddle rails are slightly bent (it came from my polo bike). The gears could do with a bit of fettling as it currently skips one gear in the middle of the cassette. The frame is in ok condition a few scratches as you'd expect. There is some wear to the aluminium on the left chainstay where the wheel slipped in the dropouts. It is about the size of a 20p coin and there's a small dip where material has been removed, I've ridden several thousand km since doing this and it hasn't affected the frame. No cracks or visible fatigue in the area.

    F&F: Specialized Allez A1 Comp with 1" kinesis carbon forks. Top tube measures 56cm C-C and the seat tube measures 60cm C-T
    Groupset: 9 speed Campagnolo Mirage (with a Veloce front mech), 28-13t cassette and 52/42 chainrings, 175mm cranks.
    Wheelset: Campagnolo Khamsin with 25mm Vittoria Rubino Pro tyres
    Pedals: Time ATAC, these can come with the bike if you wish but the springs are very worn and need replacing
    Stem: 100mm Ritchey
    Bars: 42cm 'Pro Road' carbon wrapped alloy
    Seatpost: 27.2mm carbon wrapped alloy
    Saddle: Charge Spoon, has bent rails so should be replaced asap

    According to my luggage scales it weighs just over 10kg.

    Collection from New Cross Gate only

    £280 (this seems reasonable to me but let me know if I'm way off)

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    thanks for the offer but I put the new stem on and the cables are just about long enough as they are.

    I'll have a closer look at tektro levers. I think that's what I have at the moment but the hood shape is quite slim and they aren't that comfortable.

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    Good to see your face dude, it's been too long. Hopefully see you for more than a fleeting moment soon.

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    Slightly OT but does anyone know of a long pull single speed lever with a more modern hood shape?

    Something like the Sram 500

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    That would be great, thanks. My new stem should arrive today so I'll let you know if I'll need it.

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    Thanks Ben, good to know. Do you have a dremel? In the past I've poked some old inner in to the section I'm cutting to stop the outer getting deformed too much but I can see why a dremel would be best.

    I'm hoping I don't need to recable (changing stem) but if I do I've got some options now (which aren't £20 jagwire). Thanks all

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    Great, thanks for the tip

    It doesn't specifically say it's compressionless, can we assume it is because it's braided?

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    Are there any shops in London where I can buy compressionless cable housing by the meter?

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    If anyone needs replacement buckles for Dominators (and doesn't want to pay the silly money Sidi want for them) these work fine and are only £1.50.


    The are a bit bulkier and don't look so nice but they work fine.