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    Why would you crank a 27 litre aero engine to full throttle in your house?

    I'm guessing you're the kind of person that wouldn't go for a spin round the block if you were doing work on your car/bike that involved removing the exhaust?!

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    Walk thickness?

    My seatposts are all thicker walled than the seat tubes they live in.

    I guess that the case I read about on retrobike must have been an older frame and maybe a lightweight thing or something.

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    Haha, makes it sound like I'm fucking everything up!

    Seriously though, I enjoy tinkering just as much as riding and I'm happy to share.

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    So my cheapo loop bars...

    Similar shape to current bars, very slightly wider.

    Mounted in stem, plenty room for hands in the loop, tape to mark where I was going to cut.

    I tried weighting the bars after making the first cut - when the cut ends were very close and deflection would have been most noticeable - and I didn't see anything that worried me so went ahead and chopped more out. Probably took just over an inch out of the front of them.

    Which it turns out was a bit pointless as mounting the thumbshifter on the 'extension' put it too far away from the grip to be useful.

    I tried sliding bar ends onto the extensions to make a pseudo aero bar type thing but with nowhere to put my elbows/forearms I seemed to succeed only in creating an uncomfortable position.

    My hands fit fine on the extensions, even with the trimming though so I'm going to persevere with the bars.

    In other news, I also received an Ortlieb seat pack from eBay today and I'm very happy with it.

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    I always tie a guy line to my bike rather than pegging it as I hope this would give me a bit of warning.

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    It's awesome.

    Pretty versatile, only thing I can say it'd benefit from would be a wider platform on top but given its modular design something (even DIY/bodge) could probably be done.

    I've had it on 3 bikes/forks now and each time I've set it up it's been a bit if a faff but that's only coz I've had to adjust the arms going to the brake mounts. Glad I didn't trim them after I first mounted it btw.

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    Cool, I guess if anything it's just a bit 'jey'!

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    Asked in my CP thread but figure I'll get more exposure here.

    My Marin has a 370mm post fitted, 130mm in the frame and 240mm out of it.

    Does this sound ok?

    The min insert mark is inside the frame, probably 10-15mm below the end if the seat tube.

    I'm probably only worrying about this because I read on retrobike about someone that had bent the seat tube (not post) on their bike probably by having an over extended seatpost. Think that might have been an ali frame though so I probably have nothing to worry about?

    Frame is Columbus Squadra Corse tubing and the fit is good otherwise so don't just tell me to get a bigger frame.