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    What's it called?


    It's pretty new, end of last summer I think.

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    Given that a large number of balance bikes don't even have bearings and everything moves on crappy plastic bushes, are your expectations perhaps a little great?

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    Equal parts of,

    Hard work

    Cereally though, it handled it pretty well. I was way under geared but I kind of expected that.

    Not as easy to let the larger bike rise up under me so was getting air off of everything whereas when I've ridden it on a bmx it's much easier to stick to the ground and get the power down for the next bit. Part of that could always be due to my bike being a lot lighter than the hire bmxes though.

    Think I'll take my Surly next week.

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    Took my bike for its second - and last - service today. Been getting the dealer stealer to service it in order to keep the warranty valid but £93.60 in labour to do oil and filter and change an air filter?

    It would have taken me around half an hour.

    It'll be out of warranty before the next service is due thankfully.

    On the plus side, I got to borrow a 690 Duke while mine was getting seen to and I kicked the arse out of it.

    And an even bigger plus, riding through to Perth on the A9 with it's recently installed average speed cameras was such a ball ache* that I came back the scenic route and was the only vehicle on this,

    *The cameras themselves don't fuss me on the bike but the effect on the rest of the traffic has been horrendous, cars taking miles (literally) to pass each other, outside lane hogs, etc

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    sensible enough not to get them full of glass, rubble, etc. before riding.

    What kind of shite tyre gets full of glass and rubble from being wheeled over anything?

    Unless the bike a 40kg Halford full sus piece of shit then I fail to see how wheeling a bike over anything could do anything to the tyres.

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    Bit of downhill race action with mine.

    Good to see I'm not alone in using Surly stuff in a way other then it was intended to be used.

    Case in point, tonight, bmx race track, Surly Krampus fork is definitely not a dj fork but does a great impression of one!

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    Been fitting some solid tyres to wheelchair wheels for disability rugby people at work recently.

    They went on the rim a lot easier then I inagined they might. Still a 2 man job and feel plenty secure once on but not the fight I was expecting.

    These ones are branded 'CEW Inc' and 'Shox'.

    Wouldn't fancy riding (or sitting on) anything with them fitted though. Totally solid and lifeless feeling plus they're covered in release agent and I can't imagine grip being anything other than horrendous.