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    Long shot but is this still available? 6month old post and all that..

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    Long time no post.

    Just had the front end of my bmx nicked whilst I was in the Jungle Cafe in Camberwell.

    Locked up on Camberwell Church Street, outside the Police station, under a CCTV camera for 40mins. Ran a lock through the frame and bars so I've still got bits of it.

    Here's the parts list.

    FitBikeCo DLT stem (purple), Primo Strand forks (white), Odyssey Vandero2 hub (black) laced to Sun City Light Rim (black) with Odyssey Aitken tyre (black).

    Reported it to the Police will check out the usual places, if anyone hears or sees anything gimme a shout.



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    The drummer quit..
    “It is with deep sadness that I am announcing my departure from The Sword. After nearly seven years and some of the most amazing adventures of a lifetime, I have arrived at a place where I am physically and emotionally unable to continue on as part of The Sword. If I could go any further, I would as I love the music and JD, Bryan and Kyle are people that I deeply respect, but I have reached a point where I just can’t do this anymore. I would like to thank the wonderful people who made this experience what it has been: the fans, the people that I have worked and all of the bands and musicians that have inspired me over the years. I thank you and apologize for any disappointment that this may cause anyone, not least of which The Sword.” – Trivett Wingo

    Was looking forward to that one.

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    Well said inkymitts and D. Generate, well worded views.

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    Some artists work freehand, some with a combination of transfers and freehand etc.
    The artist that did the majority of my work (Bugs) used about 30% transfers and freehanded the rest on so that it flowed over the area.

    I found giving a rough brief, asking to see some preparatory sketches and then giving an artist a decent amount of skin has resulted in the work I am happiest with. Make sure you're on the same wavelength and remember at any point up until the needle hits your skin you can ask for revisions.

    Spot on!

    I've not got a lot of ink but that's the way my leg sleeve is being constructed.

    Giving a few ideas and letting the artist do their thing is a great process and it turns out better than you could imagine in your minds eye.

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    This is awesome, if I'm around tomorrow night I'm up for popping down.