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    What else would they do once the Cub Scouts get too old?

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    Are Chelsea just going to rotate their manager between AVB, Mourinho
    and Ancelotti ad infinitum?

    If Mourinho goes he will not come back.

    Grant is also in the frame. Probably Hiddinck as well and Ray Wilkins name gets an occasional mention. Could be that the press evisage some form of management by cabal.

    Also it looks as though Costa is off along with Hazard. Ramieres is shortly behind them having only extended to 2019. Courtois is clearly long gone and Cahill will be packing up come jJanuary. Fabregas is off back to Spain and no doubt Willian off to Tottenham. Pedro is away. Mikel probably gone too. The youth are disaffected and will leave or go to prison as soon as their loan spells end.

    Indeed, come January, looks like JT will be on his tod. We will have more managers than players.

    The press is a wonderful instuitution. So reliable on footballing matters that one can have real confidence in them when it comes to important issues.

    God help us.

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    I'll avoid him in future.

    Easily done. Just look up.

    Works with most if not all Derby fans.

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    I am a follower of Arsenal

    This is because I was employed by the club last year as a consultant and found that the fiscal fates of my team were entangled with the fates of the actual team.

    Is that covered by the rules?

    My elder daughter has recently done work for Bournemouth. She still supports Chelsea, I am pleased to say.

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    Very good Clive but please don't mistake me as being from Barnet.
    That's as insulting as me saying you are from Hackney!

    Sorry Mike. You lost me at the North Circular.

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    Have we ever established who you support Matt and whether that support accord with The Rules (or as damo likes to say TEH RULZE)

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    I fear you over estimate Chelsea's popularity. Every single person I spoke to that season would rather have seen Liverpool lift the title.
    That will be an easy £10 so of course I will take it

    You need to get out and socialise more Mike.

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    Dan, don't beliee everything you read in the papers.