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    game changer for OGs....RIP

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    Would have been good to catch up Nic - next time. I actually wasn't that difficult to spot since I spent a good proportion of the evening twirling a glowstick and sending people left for food. People generally asked one of 3 questions regarding directions in or out - the answer to each one was 'left'. I could happily get through life never using the word again.

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    As ever the Dynamo delivered in spadefuls. Still my favourite UK ride by a long distance - even as it has grown and attracted a more mainstream riders there's still a slight air of delicious chaos to the whole affair.

    Lovely to catch up with so many faces from previous forum rides and I thoroughly enjoyed my stint 'helping' out at Sible Hedingham. Recommended for anyone considering it next year, you also get the added bonus of riding the second half at about 4am - straight into a sunrise all the way and bumping into a very chilled group of riders who are taking it easy and soaking up the whole experience.

    My highlight for the night was the aforementioned local lady at Sible Hedingham who popped out for 5 minutes at 11pm in a summer dress to check that the signage was still in place and ended up staying till about 2:30am giving directions in and out of the food station. She seemed to be having a ball and was full of praise for the riders - all of whom were unfailingly polite and chatty. I did ask whether maybe she wanted to use my phone to let her husband know about her extended sojourn, but she didn't seem to think that was necessary - it was pretty clear who ran that household.

    I tried the Dunwich to Diss exit as an alternative to riding to Ipswich - far superior: about 28 miles through largely deserted lanes, you get on the same train that stops at Ipswich later and no one bothered to check on minor things like bike reservations.

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    Why would you have paid £125 each for them when you can still buy tickets today direct from the club at a slightly less ridiculously priced £70.

    Easy on the 'shit team in a shit ground though'...

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    I'll take the 16GB one if still available - will pm

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    Glad to hear that fasih made it back safely after the unlucky tyre explosions, apart from that a perfect night's riding in excellent company. Good to catch up with old faces and meet some new. That is a brilliant route, great work from Dan organising and leading - getting us to the Stones 15 mins before sunrise and sorting a clear sky, what more could you want? Once a little light had started to come through, the countryside in the last hour or so's riding was just lovely - a real buzz of anticipation in the air for the last few miles, unlike the normal night ride 'just get me to the finish' feeling.

    Great photos Dicki, mine were rubbish. Would definitely like to have a cruise around the area post sunrise next time - but will the weather conditions ever be that spot on again? Was chatting to a couple of the pretty chilled out police team who were looking after things - one had been on duty there for 20 years plus and this was the best sunrise he had seen.

    After an amble around the site, rolled back to Swindon with Howard on empty roads in bright sunshine constructing a fantasy breakfast in my head, with maybe a cheeky pint on the side. Hitting Swindon at 6:45 reality struck - no 24 hour cafes, no Brick Lane Beigels, no nothing.... just a train station. Fair enough really for a small town. A fine breakfast in Paddington with the Chris Martin lookalike compensated perfectly, followed by tramp beers and talking bollocks outside a nice pub. We did eventually put some money their way, so didn't feel too bad about taking liberties with their facilities.

    Looking forward to Dunwich now...

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    Cheers Dan, but I'm already west and not sure of timings today, so don't want to risk leaving you guys hanging around at HP. Bracknell gives me the option of the 20:46 train from Feltham.

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    Also in - no chance of making Hyde Park for 7 so will train or ride to Bracknell. Looking forward to this.

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    Hyde Park > Avebury

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