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    The 'new' longer activation arm mechs from Shimano or Campagnolo as the 'lever' is longer which would result in reduced shift effort .. mechanical advantage and all that. I can't speak from experience if they'll work though as I've only mix n matched a 7900 front mech onto Sram 10.

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    Rotor BSA30 uses outboard bearings so the spindle length of the BB30 crank would be too short .. shell width of BB30 (road) is 68mm with internal bearings .. I thought along similar lines for a past project. There was a dodge that I saw someone used on the Weight Weenies board once of using a Cannondale crank with a mountain spindle and some custom machined cups with thin bearings.

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    Principia .. Cool points for lighter than CAAD10 alu frame, not gash graphics and lovely anodising.

    That Principia was made around, I would guess, 2001 by the original company and is a true race frame .. nice find. I had the track version from new until I eventually sold it to Maddy on here.

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    They're Deda bars which will have been weighed on Italian scales so if your source(s) for the bar weight show them on scales then I'd take the weights with a pinch of salt .. saying that it's hard to tell what and how much tape is on there. Lizard Skins DSP is around 60g for the set whereas Brooks is around 112g for the set

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    Tune komm-vor Saddle £95

    Used (was fitted to second bike) with some marks to the leather rear covering where the bike was leaned against a wall. Usual dibs followed by pm please. Payment by Paypal and post only as I don’t come into town very often. But note I cannot post until 27th September.

    Carbon body, reinforced carbon rails. Leather rear covering.
    Length: 26.7cm
    Width: 13cm

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    The megaexo bb will only work with an english threaded bb shell if you specify that thread. Likewise shimano, sram and campagnolo external bb's too so the choice is yours really.

    But, my 2p, if this is going to se some true winter mileage any thing you put on the bike is going to be subjected to abuse (salt on the roads etc). Which is why most winter builds were traditionally parts taken off the summer bike at the end of the season or as it was upgraded.

    So I'd pick up the cheapest crankset / bb bundle that meets your compact and crank length requirements and is 9/10 speed compatible .. Planet x ( planetx.co.uk/i/q/CSSRS350OEM­/sram-s350-crankset ) or any one of the online stores that does regular discounted parts and not worry about what the build looks like. Similarly why upgrade to 10 speed unless the existing shifters / mechs are totaled? You'll end up spending a lot of cash .. new shifters, rear mech, chain, cassette at a minimum.

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    The 912 combined a 911 chassis / bodyshell with 4 cylinder engine (also used in the 914) to bring pricing of the 911 closer to the, at the time, outgoing 356 and was conceived as an 'entry level' 911. The obvious answer, to why would you want a 912 over a 911 is the purchase cost of a long nose. Anyway .. silverstoneauctions.com/1968-­porsche-912911-outlaw