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    You've got v brake levers to calipers. You can get full power?

    Lovely frame BTW.

    Didn't they come in V and non-V versions?

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    Round of applause for that one.

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    what a beauty!

    What retard put those brake pads on? Both sets on backwards!

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    I'm quite gutted he didn't have the balls to stand by his article. Terrible as it was.

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    Had a sudden flash of memory about a Daniel Salmon frame that I passed on buying once. So practical, with hidden mudguard eyelets, internal cable routing and a nice racy cutout in the ST.
    After a bit of looking I've found some photos of another:

    Those rear brake pads are on the wrong way round.

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    dancing partner wants to buy me a brompton for my birthday (or course ti and raw laquer)

    what is a sensible gear ratio to go for on a brompton, am thinking of going for the 6 spd option?

    is it worth getting the son hub and lights?

    can a rack be fitted at a later stage, and will it take my ortlieb pannier bags?

    are there better/lighter mudguards than bromptons own?

    is there a shop that can sell me one without the handlebars or seatpost? long term would replace bars and seatpost with titanium but if i can get one with out the steel ones i'd be happy to do it that way

    Rear racks really aren't that hard to fit. Yes you have to remove the rear wheel but its really not that bad. I've fitted quite a few. 20 mins tops.
    Pointless upgrade though imo. The only bag that they sell (or sold, this is a few years back) to fit it must be removed when you fold it (no quick release). Just get a clip on carradice bagman style saddle bag if the front bag system (which is amazing) isn't enough.
    Also 2 speed is all you need.

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    As I'd rather enjoyed playing around with BikeCad, I asked an old uni mate who works in 3D design about a good CAD software package. I mentioned that I'd heard SolidWorks was good.

    Sure he says, it's about £4k for the basic package.

    £4.000 : - ( )

    I'm a draughtsman at an Engineering firm. We don't use Solidworks so I can't speak for that. We use Autocad which is pretty good though. I've not looked into the ins and outs of it but surely this is a winner (its for students):
    Dunno if you have to prove you're a student or not (but that may be easy to get around). Also it'll 'watermark' any work you do to make sure you don't use it for paid/published work. But if you just want a play around and see if you like it before getting a later version it should be good.

    For work we don't do anything in 3D although I've had a go myself and it seems pretty capable. It will eat more memory though. My work machine is a tower (3.6ghz Intel Xeon with 8gb of ram) and its adequate on that. I dread to think how it'd cope on my laptop (Intel Core i3something with 4gb of ram).

    I've read various things about Solidworks vs Autocad vs Microstation etc... seems like a bit of a Mac vs PC situation to me. Both are fine and do a good job but are different.

    So have you got any further along with the design?