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    That's everything ordered and on the way. This is the final build list:

    Frame Albannach D.Crois
    Fork 3T Luteus Team Stealth
    Headset Chris King Inset 2

    Bottom Bracket SRAM PF30
    Brakes TRP Spyre
    Cassette SRAM PG1170
    Chain SRAM PC1170
    Chainset SRAM CX1
    Derailleur SRAM CX1
    Shifter SRAM CX1
    Brake Lever SRAM CX1

    Rear Hub Hope Pro 2 28h QR
    Front Hub Hope Pro 2 28h QR
    Spokes Sapim Race
    Rims Stans Alpha 400
    Tubes Continental CX
    Tyres Challenge Grifo Open

    Handlebars 3T Ergosum Pro (40cm)
    Handlebar Tape Cinelli Mike Giant
    Saddle Selle Italia SLR XP
    Seastclamp Thomson
    Seatpost 3T Doric LTD
    Stem 3T ARX Team

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    Next piece of the puzzle. Quite a few other parts coming this week and the frame is now completed also.

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    My girlfriend currently has the turbo below but is looking for something quieter. She doesn't want to spend much more than £150. I'm assuming a fluid trainer might be a good idea. Any recommendations?

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    Forgot about this thread. Passed my mod 2 on Monday.

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    Jim isn't mking the frames commercially available at this point and this is still a prototype so pricing isn't really representative of a production frame.

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    It's been a while but the frame is now in production.

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    Is there any particular reason to avoid this retailer? Their pricing on the new Felt Fx series bikes is considerably lower than all the UK retailers and they're showing stock of some of the bikes which all UK retailers are out of.

    Looks too good to be true and usually that's because it is. I had a wee search and didn't find anything though I'm sure I've read in these pages about ensuring you pay with a credit card so you can chargeback the cash if they mess you around. Don't know if it's bike-discount.de or another retailer though.

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    Anyone have any recommendations for a black leather rallye strap for a Speedmaster? Apparently there's a genuine Omega one but it's a bit too much dorrah.