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    Just had a fucking session at bdsb

    Now at Defector's Weld

    They have

    Mariana Trench
    Old Dairy Copper Top bitter
    Sambrooks Junction
    Young's Special
    Young's Bitter
    Erdinger Weiss
    Birra Moretti
    Young's London stout
    Little Creatures bottle
    Islington bottle
    Bethnal pale ale bottle
    Neck oil can
    Black Betty can
    Brooklyn lager

    Beaver town alpha series
    London pale ale
    Yakima Red
    Aspall something
    Camden hell
    Five points IPA, red, pale
    Camden wit


    Your onsite reporter from the west


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    Just a normal day at the office here...

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    Are there any UK-made versions of this kind of stuff?

    The Revo review says to buy one of these horrible looking things.. :)

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    Over here I usually run my Maxx-D on low and then on Medium for descents or tree-lined really dark roads. But that's more because I'm worried about running out of juice and don't really know it's run time. The Six Pack I can run on Low all night and it's the same brightness as the Maxx-D on Medium, bumping up to Medium if it gets dark/foggy. No idea what France will be like in August, nor where else I might end up using the system.

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    Cheers, I'll have a read of that. I don't plan on stopping, certainly not for any length of time that would let me charge stuff. Where'd you hear about the Revos with USB? Could I create a similar setup using the dyno to either directly charge the Six Pack or the Garmin(s)?

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    Really? That sounds almost too good to be true. Reckon you could detail your setup?
    I've already bought Ultegra hubs but I reckon a dynamo is sounding like a good option for the longer rides - 600k+

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    I took this over to the dynamo thread. If the chart is to be believed, they only add ~2W with no current draw and maybe 8-10W at 25-30kph with lights on. I wouldn't notice that. I'm just wondering if it's better to have this as a kind of fit and forget solution or to stick with the external batteries hanging off everything I do now.

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    X-Post from PBP thread...

    Right, on a serious note, the bloke I chatted to during the 600 was using a dyno hub to power his lights and electronics. Should I do the same thing for PBP?

    I own an Exposure Six Pack which might last the two nights (1200k)?

    If I went full battery mode I'd need probably 2 x GPS, 2 x extended Garmin batteries, 1 front light and maybe an extender battery for it, rear lights could just be AA or AAA types.

    I'm getting a new set of wheels built anyway so slipping a dyno in would cost me the front hub and the phone adapters but how much would it slow me down? Would it actually power all my shit?

    Could I recharge the Six Pack using the dynamo or is it better to use specific dynamo lights?

    According to this I'd be adding a couple of watts with lights off and 8 or so with lights on. But what about charging stuff? Can it be used to trickle charge an external battery and then released for lighting or GPS?

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    Could I recharge the Six Pack using the dynamo or is it better to use specific dynamo lights?


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    I didn't have this thread subscribed to and you didn't replyto.