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    Cycling will clearly be on the agenda for this years election:

    Debate today:

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    Lincoln's Inn Fields, London
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    @hoefla aww thanks :)
    Though from what you say, to do the 'pirate' thing today would be more awesome. I suppose the nearest direct action that have been brave and awesome recently have been people involved in the occupy movement ...

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    Yes that was on the A40 Westway near Shepherds Bush. All these RTS protest shut down major roads for hours. Afternoons of partying on Tottenham High stt, Camden High st, Upper St, the A40.

    The die-in protests today, where the police allow a minor road to be blocked for 3 minutes by cyclists lying on the floor aren't really the same.

    I wonder if that is indicative of how much more of a police state we live in or lack of belief of the effect of direct action, or perhaps its so easy to your MP and Tweet compared to organising, pre internet, a logistically complex action.

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    It was RTS on Camden High street May 14 1995. I was there, There was a pic of me in the guardian the next day on that car, dressed as a pirate holding my bike in the air... Happy dayz

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    Won't be as good a party as reclaim the streets

    but could be fun:

    Cyclists from all over the UK are joining the Time To Cycle bike bloc at the Time To Act climate change protest. Many people will also join feeder rides from around London and beyond. If you’re cycling in and would like company or want to join a ride, please let us know.

    The bike bloc is meeting at the same start point as the marchers on foot (Lincoln’s Inn Fields).

    The plan is for the bike bloc to cycle to Parliament Square ahead of the pedestrians, which means we’ll be leading the way! Not only will this showcase bikes as key to our sustainable future, it will also allow a more comfortable pace for those balancing on two wheels. Skaters, boarders, cargo bikes and hand cycles are more than welcome, they’re essential!

    At the rally people will be bringing alarm clocks to tell our politicians to wake up – we’re encouraging everyone to also be ready with their bike bells, horns and whistles! The rally is likely to go on until around 4pm, so bring healthy & sustainable snacks and drinks.

    #TimeToAct2015 #ClimateAction #TimeToCycle

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