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Stu F 16th December 2011 16:17

Birmingham Beers (the unofficial ones)
Me and the Dubmaster will be at the Prince of Whales tonight from 8. Your all welcome to join us.

So in future this thread can be for drinking sessions that fall outside the hours of 'official' beers

Stu F 18th December 2011 12:55

And a good time was had by all...

danwentskiing 18th December 2011 13:07

who were the molotovs for?

Stu F 18th December 2011 13:19

our bellies

EMM 27th December 2011 14:21

Anybody up for beers on thursday in the warehouse in highgate? We can put a film on, bring some food and cans, and celebrate neil and clare returning from the big apple. We could even drink bud and eat double portions of everything.

Let me know if ur down so i can have a tidy up

daylightbombings 27th December 2011 16:36

I'm in.

EMM 29th December 2011 12:22

If anybody else is up for coming the warehouse is B12 0DF Oughton Road Highgate.

As long as we can get the speakers working then we'll put a film on.. but bring some beer and food!

EMM 17th February 2012 10:57

Meeting at the Anchor tonight? 8pm

n3il 17th February 2012 11:06

yus. if barry comes he's only allowed to drink halfs he's so slow.

Stu F 17th February 2012 11:10

unfortunately he's in london's famous london (visiting hipster frendz)


EMM 17th February 2012 13:47

anybody want to meet somewhere at 7 instead to watch an hour of before we go for a beer?

n3il 17th February 2012 13:56

i'm meeting hash at 5.15 so will probably still be in town.

Asim 17th February 2012 14:10

@emm can meet you at 7 let me know a place.

Stu F 17th February 2012 14:13

and me

n3il 17th February 2012 14:17


Stu F 17th February 2012 14:19

someone's house that's near a takeaway? you're welcome round mine but most people will be near town already

n3il 17th February 2012 14:25

actually, having spoken to hashish i should be done by 6 so will be going home for food. see you all at 8!

Stu F 17th February 2012 14:34


Originally Posted by n3il (Post 2704091)


EMM 17th February 2012 15:00

Neils at 7 to watch velodrome then?

n3il 17th February 2012 15:25

if you bring food you're welcome. is it on terrestrial?

EMM 17th February 2012 15:42

yeah, i'll bring food

n3il 17th February 2012 15:45

you coming straight from uni?

EMM 17th February 2012 16:25

nah, just about to leave work so will go home first

Christy 21st February 2012 16:17

Anyone up for the bristol pear? pound a pint!

daylightbombings 21st February 2012 17:03


Stu F 21st February 2012 17:23

send me a text when you're near and I'll pootle down (i live pretty much next door)

Christy 21st February 2012 17:43

Gonna get there for about 8

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