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Okay. Giant thank you list. Not necessarily in any kind of order:

The Bicycle Film festival, in particular Laura for all the time, money,work,love and support she gives to this event all year, and Brendt for his energy, stories and speeches (and knowing when to stop..) and mostly for creating this incredible event in the first place. So many great events happened this weekend, whatever kind(s) of bikes we ride, and the BFF brings them all together, celebrating the things we have in common as a cycling community.

Massive thanks to Andy Lockett and Nes for amazing allday refereeing, locketts amazing organisation and nes's ability to be so unbelievably loud. Also Horatio for everything you did (including that helmet..), Ali's woodwork and van repairs, Gabes (for everything,despite the state of those rapha/condor boards), Adrienne's beautiful illustration, Brendan (you know why), Braley for laminating and scoreboarding genius. Nhatt and Brixton Cycles for fixing endless wheels, punctures, headsets, brakes..Karta for the Ambulance and the BMXs, Stepper bikes, Marys Muffins, Josh for that shot, James Brown for Least Valuable Player (especially in the morning), Em for tapping out on the car (and getting Brendt to chant "BFF sucks"),Vidal for last minute ball supplies,everyone from manchester who stayed at my house and fed me beer whenever I got home sober, the Flying Spaghetti Monster for the perfect weather...

Also Rapha for everything, (polo needs that van), and especially Kaspar, who might have had even less sleep than me,and Albert from Madison for support, driving, helmets, saddles and everything else you did this weekend. Shop 14 for the best afterparty for so long. Smeear, for finding me on Bethnal Green Road at 2am to give me those beautiful hats (the musette is mine..). Matix, DV8, Brick Lane Bikes, and everyone else I forgot who gave prizes and support in any way...wait. Charlie, and everyone involved in the Ugandan alleycat movie..the list is endless..

A massive thank you to everyone else who played, watched, heckled, goalref'd, ate muffins, recovered bikes, ziptied stuff, picked up stuff, and came to the party and danced for beer.. Yesterday was played in true polo spirit, and I loved every second. Thank you all again for being part of it.

Next stop: BFF Paris...

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