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Thanks to everyone that helped with the following: sponsorship sourcing, illustration work, form filling, food/drink supplier sourcing, party organising, stencil making, pre-tournament meetings, postering, flyering, map making, goodie bag sorting, beer carrying, storing equipment, court design, materials sourcing, bike trailer sourcing/riding, cargo bike sourcing/riding, orwell clearouts, housing players, courts build, goal welding, goal carrying, netting the goals, spray painting, painting, taping, moving fences, endless runs to shops/houses/wherever, unloading the container, setting up, taking down, loading the container, scheduling, reffing, goal reffing, time keeping, whipping, bike fixing, bike loaning, bike checking, registering players, photography, videography, beer selling, music providing, sign making, t-shirt selling, water moving, sweeping, fixing things that broke, polo trains, litter picking, keeping the courts straight(ish), prize carrying, megaphone handling/announcements, buying beers, loaning money, polo playing and heckling... I've probably forgot many other things, but thanks to everyone that stepped up and made this event possible in whatever way you could, you rock.

Special thanks to the following people who consistently volunteered their time/money/energy pre/during/post event and made it possible to sleep at night: Mark Nesbit, John H, Bill, Badger, Jess, Ali and Erin.

Also, many thanks to the out-of-town players that helped with the courts build/take down and were generally awesome with keeping things running/lending a hand.

Sorry to everyone I shouted out, I lost it a few times, this year was a little too hard at times and I struggled to cope with the workload involved/stress... often you could count the volunteers on one hand and for that reason I won't be doing the LO next year.

1st place (LCS jerseys, UO goodies, Waiting for the Sun sunnies, trophies, booze, technical sling bags, wallets): Yank your wank
2nd place (LCS jerseys, sling bag, knog box, vela re belts/wallets): Reverends
3rd place (LCS jerseys, knog box, tyres): PSG
Paul's "Nice parts, nice plays, nice guys/gals" prize (double levers and hat): Be Right On
Waiting for the Sun's "Best team kit" prize (sunnies): Butterfly Tits / 5G
Schwalbe's "Super controlled" prize (tyres): Edisons
Dodici rims "Best Newcomers": Mix
NS gloves "Safe Hands" prize: Cocorico
Cranks/bash guards "Furthest travelled": Bromance
BFF tickets: Mervin Kings
Top 7 volunteer dual lever prizes: Mark Nesbit, John H, Bill, Adam, Jess, Ali and Erin.

Full results:
1st - Yank Your Wank (Nick COMO, kouyo, joey SEA)
2nd - Reverends (Manu GVA, eric MKE, William Paris)
3rd - PSG (Clement GVA, Greg Paris, Dustin SEA)
4th - Cocorico (Hugo, Marco, Seabass Paris)
5th - Edisons (David, Moritz FRA, Eddy MUN)
5th - Spring Break (Jon, Adam, Ryan LDN)
7th - Swiss Steez (Quentin GVA, Max LDN, Cody SEA)
7th - Cosmic (Rupert, Todd, Mat LDN)
9th - Mastodon (Robinou BDX, Alex Paris, Quentin ROU)
9th - Butterfly Tits (Joe CHI, Robie OTT, julian SEA)
9th - Mix (Jamal EIN, Yusaku, Daisuke OSA)
9th - Technically Cascadia (Damon BNE, Suzy CHI, Max VAN)
13th - Mervyn King's Wet Dream (Josh, Alastair, James LDN)
13th - MIDWEST OG (Ben CHI, Brian MKE, kev TO)
13th - Black Stabbath (TBD ?, Andy, Fin BRS)
13th - Team Warin (Robbie, Alfie, Tim BRS)
17th - Pienture Latina (Max CBG, Antonio LDN, Thomas Paris)
17th - Gettin Wild (josh, Hayden, Lee CBG)
17th - Dead Rappers (luca CBG, Emmet, Brendan LDN)
17th - Be Right On (Jamie, Chris ESH, Dave LDN)
17th - Los Manguis (Francesc, Camilo, Marcos BCN)
17th - Apollo 3 (Przemek, Kuba, Maciek WAW)
17th - Simon Says (Nicky, Jaoaud, Chris ANT)
17th - Wasted Talent (Tobi CAT, Anna FRA, Philipp HAN)
25th - Malaka (Cento PAD, Mattia, Enrico VCZ)
25th - Beer & Loathing (Johanna FRA, Mckenzie SEA, maija TO)
25th - Karamba (gitti, Marc, Michi BLN)
25th - Tornaboges (Tom CBG, nik, Erin LDN)
25th - Bromance (Ollie BNE, Scotty, Ned PER)
25th - Polonauten (J├╝rgen, Svenja, Dr. NUR)
25th - M.M.A Polo (Adrian BRS, Matt LOU, machine SF)
25th - Sloots (Ben, Alexis, Felix LDN)
33rd - Puzzels (Andy, Phillip HAM, Florian MST)
33rd - 2 Beavers & 1 Beard (Josephine GVA, Adam MCR, Valley VAN)
33rd - Alliance of Loose (Felix BLD, Patrick, Michael DOR)
33rd - Tora Tora Tora (Agata GDN, Cherri JAX, Tony KRK)
33rd - Le BigMac (Matt, Mayeut, Sean LDN)
33rd - The Magic Number (Martin, Quentin Paris, Ngaihon TO)
33rd - Antlers (Mark, Matt LDN, Oliver NCL)
33rd - 1/2 watt oranges (Bram ARN, Lorenzo, Rutger EIN)
33rd - Shuffle Kurfuffle (Rich BRS, Jess LDN, Rob MCR)
33rd - TKO (Oliver FKB, Tatsuya OSA, Riki TOKYO)
33rd - Ponkey Munch (Flo CAT, Max FKB, Aidan LDN)
33rd - Passed It (Bill, Joe, Ben LDN)
33rd - Sirens (Zoe, Helen, Julia LDN)
33rd - Poloski (Stan, Piotr KRK, Lish LDN)
33rd - Where's the slip'n'slide? (Eric, Christopher ATL, Tiffany LEX)
33rd - Kings (Pique, Kieran, Kevin LDN)
33rd - 5G (Emyr, Neil, Andy MCR)
33rd - Tiny Little Puppies (Shannon, Max, Geoffrey VAN)
33rd - Dog Soccer (Kropa DUB, Morgan SF, Brook SYD)
33rd - Yomoyo (Louis, J, Arunas LDN)
33rd - Team Sensible (Jonas, Colin, Stephen EDI)
33rd - Free Douches From Dale (Sam ESH, John, Jack LDN)
33rd - JLS (John, Andy LDN, Stephen MCR)
33rd - Skull Attack (Alejandro BCN, Paul, Osian CWL)
33rd - Acapolo (Paul, Julian, Liam ESH)
33rd - The F-ing Metric System (Johannes BLN, Dominico, Robert BNE)
33rd - Rabble Rousers (Andre BRS, Christian, Aaron COMO)
33rd - Super Fly (Chris AMS, Shane, Johnny DUB)

Possible improvements for next year (if it goes ahead under someone else):
Dedicated London Open website (one portal rather than several forums/pages).
More vegetarian food.
More courts, or days (3 courts over 3 days, or 4 courts over 2 days).
Better scoreboards.
Big screen/HQ like in Karlsruhe.
Beefier board uprights (wooden battoning at the front and rear to keep things sturdy/straight).
Beefier boards (15+mm rather than 12mm).
PA system for whipping teams more easily.
Spectator tiered seating.
Live streaming of the tournament online.
More toilets.
Dedicated stewards (that the public can identify).
Cheaper beer.
More volunteers.

Huge thanks to the photographers during the event, Chan's highlights video should be out in the next couple of weeks too, again many thanks mate.

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