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This is horrendous, we are devastated for this guys family and friends.
We have been complaining to the Olympic Authorities about this junction for 6 years.
Eight years, Charlie, not that it matters. I just dug up the first submission we made around the time of the candidate file.

This area is where the city fails; where a motorway (the
, now known as the A12), has been bombed into a densely-populated place at the cost of many houses, generating unsustainable levels of through motor traffic for no gain, and now used by the unsustainable Olympics to ferry coachload after coachload directly onto the motorway, which is what cost Dan his life.

None of this was necessary; there was neither any need whatsoever to concrete over our beautiful East Marsh for a coach park, nor any need for the excessive motor traffic access. It's just the way certain people 'do' the Olympics and from which they don't want to divert. Dan has become the first and hopefully the last victim of this short-sighted planning.

The Olympics in London could have marked a sea-change in the way this event is run, but virtually all opportunities to make its transport better were missed. Now the only way in which this is managed appears to be by leaving lots of empty seats.

Dan's seat will remain empty for a lot longer than these few weeks. Rest in peace, Dan.
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