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Originally Posted by hoefla View Post
the bigger 100% text is good for New Posts and menu stuff, but I really like the (current, small) size of the text in the posts...
That's OK.

If I don't specify a size... if I just say everything starts at 100%, except these bits which are 80%, and these other bits are 120%... then basically I've left it up to you and your browser to determine the font size.

Most browsers let you go into the options and say that for sites that don't specify, the default font size should X.

So by my making the site use default font sizes (100%), whilst it may initially appear larger I'm actually saying... I give up my control and dictatorship over the font sizes, and I'm giving you the users the ability to determine what font size you want in the browser preferences.

If you don't like it once I'm done, you'll have the ability to change it at your end.

That's how the internet should work.
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