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It is too small.

But, that's true of the fonts on the whole site.

The average size of fonts on the site is 10pt and sometimes the fonts are also defined in pixels.

If you know about web typography and the available units ( ), you'll know that these are the worst possible sizes to use.

Basically, pixels and points are fixed sized, and as the resolution of a screen increases the perceived size is reduced.

As the resolution has been increasing gradually, we've all become accustomed to reading smaller fonts, but it's very wrong.

Fonts should be sized relative to the screen size. A web site with fonts sized in points is using a print design theory that doesn't translate to the screen.

To correct it, what I should do is reset the font across the whole site to 1em;

This would have the effect for most people of increasing the font size dramatically. It would be a huge perceived change.

Because it would be such a big perceived change I haven't done it.

If those on desktops and laptop want to imagine what this is like: CTRL+'+' to zoom the size of the page. You want to be viewing at roughly 120% of what you're currently viewing.

If people can convince me that they'd be happy with such a font size change, then I would do it everywhere and that would fix it for all mobiles (which tend to have a higher resolution per inch than most monitors).
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