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I like this thread because - similar to the Rat Bike thread - it makes me want to ride my bike, because the people who put together the bikes here think that bikes are awesome and riding them is fun and so do I. Porn just gives me bike angst and makes me want to be a dick to to other people.

At the end of the day its people who have a passion for the cult of bikes, and some are all about the aesthetics, some just like nothing better than being on their own out on the streets at night reveling in riding as hard as they can something they built to fit them to the very last detail, with others its the culture, and still others its about the history and glory of racing, there's the tech heads and the trendys, the mates along for the ride or the now ex gf's or bf's who've fallen out of love with fixie hipsters, but in love with their machines and now have one of their own, sometimes its the style or fashion that attracts but ends up being the purity that keeps us here, each of our weird and wonderful machines says something about us (unless it doesn't... then ignore this!) and with some its more a means of expression than it is a means of transport.

Do you love riding? Cool by me.
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