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2011-04-28 - Rider Down/Fatality - Edinburgh

Awful news, and evidence that lorries are not only a problem in the Big Smoke. This happened 100 yards up the road from me at the corner of Broughton Road and East Claremont St. at about 0800. Police have cordoned off the scene, so are being tight-lipped about it, but there are a number of factors here that make for grim reading. Broughton Road is closed for 12 weeks for gas works so all traffic is being diverted up E. Claremont St, a relatively narrow cobbled road with cars parked on both sides all the way down; directly opposite the accident scene is the main North Edinburgh refuse depot, with dozens of rubbish trucks coming in and out every hour; the traffic crossing has been widened in the last month (there's a primary school there, and the lollipop ladies often have to dodge RLJers - cars and, less so, bikes, there), narrowing the road by some 6ft or so. BBC is saying it's a bloke in his 20s, a lorry's involved, so pure conjecture would lead me to believe truck was turning left into E. Claremont St and took him with it. Just grim news, I cycle this road every day and have had numerous incidents here, and what with the traffic redirection here added to the number of rubbish trucks passing through it's doubly worrying.

RIP bud.

Link to the patchy details so far
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