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OMG! Condolences to the friends and family of this poor woman.

Despite some comments, Boris's people are doing some things to help reduce the number of these horrors. We think they are close to including on-bike cycle training in the lorry driver CPC courses run by TfL, if they can get the approval from the authorities. We need to keep pushing for councils and companies to take up this training.
Boris engaged in a pretty shameful piece of victim-blaming when he was asked about reckless, illegal lorry drivers:

Boris's question time:

In light of Catriona Patel, a cyclist who was killed by a drunk lorry driver with numerous previous convictions and disqualifications, do you think the current system does enough to keep dangerous drivers off London's roads?

Boris Johnson:

This was a horrendous case, whenever we have a cycling fatality in London it is a tragedy and my utmost sympathies are with Catriona Patel's family.

There were 10 cycle fatalities in the capital last year and and in every case I look to try and work out why it has happened.

It is particularly tragic that we often see deaths caused by a cyclist being caught by an HGV turning left. That is a terrible thing and we are trying to address it by educating HGV drivers, and putting special mirrors on traffic lights.

I would however like to make the point that cycling in London is getting safer the whole time. I know it may not feel like that but the statistics show that while cycling has more than doubled in the last ten years the number of serious injuries and fatalities has declined by a fifth.

Ultimately what I want to achieve in our city is a situation where everyone who uses a motorised vehicle on our roads knows they will find cyclists on the streets of London, and that as a result they drive responsibly.

But perhaps most vital is getting safety advice to cyclists, whether new or experienced, particularly about road positioning and crucially that being in the blind spot of a large vehicle could potentially have tragic if not fatal consequences.

End quote.

Boris was asked about what to do about drunk lorry drivers on the phone.

His reply was that perhaps the best thing we can do is train cyclists. No amount of training can protect a cyclist from a driver like Dennis Putz, or from the lorry driver who nearly killed Boris after securing his rear door with a bent coathanger.

Not check HGV firms' employment procedures, like Thames Materials who happily hired a multiple banned driver.
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