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2010-08-27 - Rider Down, Acton

Riding into town about 7.30am on Friday, travelling East on the straight section between Acton and Shepherds Bush on A4020. Driver in green road sweeping lorry pulled out of junction to my left, turning right (ie West) towards Acton. No time to do anything, so hit the side of the truck at about about 20 mph.

Ambulance and police were there in what felt like a couple of minutes and I spent the next 24 hrs in A&E, mashed right leg, bruising/damaged sternum chest, shoulders, both arms and legs. Doc reckons at least 6 weeks for the chest to heal.

The driver at least stopped after the collision, but his excuse? "Sorry mate, I didn't see you". And despite me riding in the middle of the lane in the daylight in a fluorescent yellow jacket. How much more obvious do I need to be?

I'm not normally a fan of the ambulance chasing solicitor fraternity, but at a minimum I want to recover the cost of my clothing and damage to my bike. Any recommendations?
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