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Shimano 600 pedals, Selle Italia Flite Titanium, Cinelli 1A & Giro D'Italia, Ofmega

OK - hopefully this will work OK, apologies for the other thread(s) screwing up... dunno what happened.

Shimano 600 Pedals, clips & straps.
Bought off here but never used them.

More pics;

Selle Italia Flite Titanium - good condition, usual wear around the edges but not much scuffing. The branding has worn off a bit and the leather's coming away a touch at the front underneath (it just needs a dab of glue).


More pics:

Cinelli Giro D'Italia 64-40
Good condition, free from tape residue kind of half-polished 20

More pics:

Cinelli 1A + Giro D'Italia 64-42 - with groove.
Sold together as I couldn't remove the clamp bolt last night, I'm sure it will come undone with some elbow grease but just need to get rid of them. If somebody really wants them split, I'll split them one night this week, when I'm feeling particularly strong).

Good condition - 30

More pics:

Ofmega rear mech - nice black Ofmega mech from the 80s

More pics:

Shimano 105 Front mech
Clamp on, used but still fine.

Exage 400 front mech
Braze-on, used but still fine.

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