• Le hmm

  • Older people will not be so savy and will not be able to opt out. So kids will see porn and older people will not.

    Tell me about it. Older people can't even spell 'savvy'.

  • savy is street slang for saville.

  • I want a similar setup for the desktop machine but haven't got around to it yet.

    Bring the noise!

    What are you gonna use when you get it setup?, I'm keen to go down a similar route.

  • Will be writing to my MP when I'm back at my putah... Crazy business...

    Letter bomb?


  • From my MP:

    I do not believe that the arrangements to protect children from hard core porn online will affect a forum to discuss cycling! I think that men, who think that viewing hard core porn without let or hindrance is some kind of human right, are deliberately exaggerating the effect of the suggested arrangements

    faithfully ,
    Diane Abbott MP
    Shadow Public Health Minister

  • wow.

  • haha, how fucking sexist and ignorant.

    As fucked up as the US is, at least they know / understand the internet (and are currently trying to spy on everyone)

  • Skydancer, you really need to make that more public than here. That's fucking unbelievably naive. Do we really want people this limited trying to run the country ? ( I say trying because clearly she's not atm)

  • From my MP:

    I feel I've been defamed.

    Or you have.

  • We all have...

    Outrageous allegation
    Will tweet this Kirth

  • Diane Abbott is an idiot. Unfortunately she's also my MP. Apart from being a sexist ignoramus, she's also a massive hypocrite. If someone said that sentence and replaced it with women she'd be the first to complain.

    She also spends far too much time appearing in the media, mostly promoting Diane Abbott. She's a terrible constituency MP, she doesn't give a shit.

    She's pretty much the worst thing about living in Hackney. She makes me embarrassed to be a Labour party member :(

  • I suppose we shouldn't be surprised that she's sexist, given that we already knew she was racist (she tweeted "White people love playing 'divide and rule' We should not play their game" in January 2012).

  • on the plus side, her website times out so I guess someone's pissed off with her (or the US has barred it)

  • Is she really that naive and stupid though? seems like a deliberate brush off, although insinuating that your concerned constituent is either "deliberately exaggerating the effects" or associates with and has been misled by people who are, seems like a strange response. Does she not realise that viewing hardcore porn is perfectly legal?

  • Does she not realise that viewing hardcore porn is perfectly legal?

    Only if you are over 18.

  • "web forums" and "esoteric content" are perfectly legal.

  • second, has she ever read this forum ? I'm sure she'd be in the front line to add it to the barred list :P

  • She should check out the kiddie stuff on mumsnet

  • mumsnet is full of kiddie porn?

  • Only if you are over 18.

    I assumed that the "men" she referred to are (in her mind) over 18.

  • mumsnet is full of kiddie porn?

    Not exclusively

    There's a
    nappy thread
    baby oil thread
    breast thread
    and probably a helmet thread

  • Those mums and their lust for helmets..

  • So my work blocks this site:
    The Website you trying to access is categorized as Adult Material.

    That's the default filters, and guess what it's blocking on ? Yup, matching subscription.php :S If you go to any other page it's fine, and if you switch on https it's fine too (inc sub page). So retarded.

    The good news is, they are not doing DPI (deep packet inspection). Last time someone in the UK tried that (and before with Phorm) and they got majorly smacked by the EU Commision for breaching the ePrivacy Directive and Data Proection Directive. Fun bit is the EU highlighted how it was a breach of the UK's Regulation of Information Powers Act.

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UK "default on" ISP censoring will include "web forums" by default

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