Share 3G over wifi thingy?

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  • Can anyone recommend a good and / or cheap way to share a 3G connection over wifi? Had a look at routers today but can't find anything below 30. No idea what they should cost, but maybe less?

    Also, do I need a good one or will anything do?

  • Android phone?

  • I borrowed a 3 dongle off a mate when I moved house and needed internerdz.­dband

  • I've got one kicking around somewhere, let me see if I can find it.

    If so you are welcome to it.

  • ^ that'd be ace, thank you!

  • I borrowed a 3 dongle off a mate when I moved house and needed internerdz.­dband

    I want to be able to share one 3G connection over a few devices, and do so abroad. I'm in the summer house at the mo and were 3 iPads all with their own data plan which is wasteful to say the least. It's also shit connection so on a sunny day the router will go up the the flag

  • That dongle uses 3G to provide a wifi connection - any number of devices can connect to it.

    Same feature that most newer Android handsets provide. Wifi Hotspot

  • Ah cheers, didn't read properly

    Phone doesn't work as I'll be using it mainly abroad

  • Get a local (foreign) dongle?

  • Got the dongle and a top up SIM card, but want to share it over wifi. No computers at hand either, nor androids

  • As hippy says,. buy something locally. I have a US wifi maker (not a dongle, it sits in my pocket). It means I get charged as if for local access rather than incurring huge international charges.

    For Europe, I have the Vodafone traveller package which, at the cost of £3 a day allows my to use my ophone as if in the UK..

  • Oh, I look for WiFi whereever anyway. In most places free WiFi is not too far away.

  • Yep, you need a Mifi. Rather than a USB dongle, it's a separate device, which connects to 3G, and then shares out a Wifi connection.

    It means no installation of any software etc, just connect devices to it over Wifi.

    I have one of these:­rtNumber/5491195.htm

  • Though of course, if you want to be at the cutting edge, you'd need a 4G mifi. Seems to be monthly only, at the moment though:

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Share 3G over wifi thingy?

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