• If brakes are mandatory, I think this is a great idea. I'd quite like to race it myself. Why the fuck not.

    It would be ridiculous to let people race no brakes at Hillingdon, but I guess people do ridiculous things a lot of the time.

  • I don't ride brakeless on the road but this looks fun. Glad I've recently purchased a helmet.

  • "The event will start at 01:00 and finish around 05:30"

  • This looks like a fantastic way to market directly to niche consumers and raise brand awareness all while diversifying a company's promotional mix and hopefully cement a brand-image transfer from the cycling event into the consumer's mind.

    Really looking forward to this. What am I buying again?

  • ^You're buying a 100% more expensive race entry than for a standard race round Hillingdon promoted by a local MTB club rather than the 15 sponsors on that poster.

  • Exactly. Repped. AKA I'm not going.

  • But we wouldn't get to ride our genuine fixes at normal races. Anyway, it is brakeless only, so I'm out.

  • £20 entry fee!

    Wow. I didn't know organising races was so lucrative.

  • Actually, it's mostly 5th floor riding. Which means you'd want to watch out in case they duff you up or try and blag something off of you.

  • There are a few "riders eye" videos of road racing at Hillingdon on Youtube, you may wish to note exactly what happens when a rider clips his pedal on a corner and practise your landings ;)

    Having ridden there for the first time weekend just past it's definitely possible to go around there smoothly barely using brakes at all, but that was with a group who had a vague concept of holding your line through corners and not half-wheeling.

  • One thing for Hillingdon, it's a fun circuit. Did love racing there back in the day (over 5 years ago when I did race, and lose).

  • 30th out of 41 was a win in my book :p

    Will be interesting to see how fast people can actually go around there without any freewheeling/recovery.

  • In. Team Cunt representing.

  • i might just turn up and watch, fuck it i'll marshall too..
    this could be spectacularly hill-airy-arse..
    bring some polish tinnies too.

  • I'm riding! Anybody have a suggested gear ratio?

  • In. Team Cunt representing.

    In, as marshall that is.

  • £20 entry fee!

    Hah! I thought this was a bit shit before, but paying that much to take part in a fundamentally flawed race >>>>>

    Just as a reminder of what £20 could get you on the same weekend in the Isle of Wight:

    • Entry to the randonee, which is a proper 100k ride and everything (£0).
    • Two nights in a tipi (£17)
    • A pint (£3)
  • Its one of these really stupid ideas that might be a lot of fun, very tempted to enter but doubt I will

  • I think you'll find being stuck in a tipi with the forum's finest, at the height of summer, is in fact priceless.

  • Oh, and the £20 gets you food and drink from the sponsors I belive.

    They better do so!

  • brakless only sigh

    Would have been fun otherwise.

  • More smooth race without brakes. In DK we have a criterium Fixed only no brakes race - and I am so glad it's a No Brakes event. (No downhills before any 90degree turn though).

  • Can't find this on British Cycling's race calendar, can anyone else?

  • I guess it's not BC registered then, not all cycling events are, many aren't...I bet the Brompton World's for example isn't either.

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2012-05-06 - Tokyo Fixed & Chipotle Present "The Hunt" - Fixed Gear Criterium Race

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