2012 Pro-cycling season thread

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  • it's actually longer than the pro distance!


  • Vinokourov: Maxim Iglinskiy won Liège-Bastogne-Liège "the Vino way"


  • Thats what I thought.

  • Ricco has been on Twitter threatening to spill his guts. Could be a lively few weeks before the Giro starts.

    Now I’ll begin to talk about all that’s disgusting in cycling and about everything that I’ve seen in this false world of hypocrites.

    And I’ve seen much and I know a lot!!! And those who feign little angels are the worst, I can assure you.

    I’ve now been asked to reveal something about the plot and, how nice, I’ll enjoy myself too.

  • Whatever he says will be easily dismissed due to his lack of credibility. Will be interesting though.

  • Another Floyd Landis

  • Ricco has been on Twitter threatening to spill his guts. Could be a lively few weeks before the Giro starts.

    Ill believe him,like I believed Landis. To be a professional bike rider you have to invest everything into attaining your goal, so much so that it is very hard to simultaneously have a plan B for life. Such commitment often leads to PED taking, as for some it is a logical step in a career in which winning is everything, especially if the competition is doing it. The only real reason that riders do not 'spit in the soup' is because they would effectively be ostracised from the peleton and really struggle to win another race. Thats why people like David Millar very carefully only go a certain way in their 'fight against drugs', if people like Millar actually committed to such a fight he would have no career left and would be broke very quickly indeed.

    Ricco is therefore an interesting proposition now. He has nothing left to lose, similar to Landis. Why should he not spit in the soup when for him it has no bearing on his life anymore? Unfortunately such circumstantial evidence counts for too little in court (look at the various cases against Armstrong) and im sure that very few will get indicted because of his evidence.

  • Trentino, that's it. That was pretty cool.

    Goss just missed Stage 1 of Turkey to Bos after massive pileup took out most of the field. Spewing but he's looking good for GC which will help my Sky vs. GE bet..

  • also in the news, Liquigas wont be renewing their sponsorship next year. Surely they cant fold, Nibali just signed up for two more years.

  • haven't seen the full result yet, but Twitter tells me that on the opening prologue of the Tour de Romandie 1st was Geraint! Even more curious was Cavendish claiming third, not sure where Wiggins and Evans finished

  • Wiggins was 10 seconds or so down, and Evans another 10 down.

    Thomas and Cavendish both rode in drier conditions, it was full on raining for the last half of the field.

  • Bugger. Come on Edge..

  • yeah heard the conditions were pretty ropey, still an amusing third for Cav. Important that Wiggo beat Evans tho

  • Cavendish is a handy short distant time triallist - he's won the prologue of this and the Tour of Britain before.

  • short distant time triallist

    20 meters?

  • yeah he's got it from pursuiting on the track, thinking that's why Thomas did well too

    Didn't think Thomas was doing any more road racing ahead of the Olympics. Pretty sure he's not riding the Tour, curious choice for the Sky team in this event? They seem to have put out the big guns for this one generally, and I think Evans has got a strong backing too

  • Thomas, Swift and Kennaugh are all riding the Giro as part of their Olympic preparations.

    Sky look to be using this race as a dress rehearsal for the Tour.

  • I think both them and BMC are, looking to lay down a marker for the Tour. Are either Evans or Wggins likely to ride the Dauphine as well?

    Sky looks to have the core of the squad that is likely to ride the tour, perhaps with Eisel, Uran, Flecha and EVB joinging them for the main event?

    Looking forward to the next few day's racing

  • Just got back in from watching, got a few photos that I'll put up later. Managed to miss Wiggins as on the phone to the missus... d'oh!

    Conditions were good for the earlier riders, a few showers later on.

  • As promised:

  • I'm no photographer but here's Iglinskiy motoring past Nibali and the 1km marker in Liege.

    Unbelievable last 30km of the race. Walked out of the bar with the big screen as the helicopter appeared waiting to see the Nibali victory but was confronted by this. First time riding in Belgium and Netherlands and first spring classic. Both highly recommended. Just don't mention the weather.

  • chw0112-fucking nice pics btw, skillz.

    what camera set up where you using?

  • those speedmaxs are pron.

  • Agreed.

  • rare sprint win for wiggo today.

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2012 Pro-cycling season thread

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