• No seriously?

  • Where did you grow up dude?

  • Zimbabwe

  • had to google it

    what are we going to do with it?

  • "Pogs is a game that was popularized during the early 1990s"

    Yep, in the 90s I was living in Harare.....

  • POGS!!!!!! I never bought any, only won them - I was that good

  • I collected the WHOLE of Series 2. Still have them somewhere...

  • I'm feeling left out. You first world kids won't be getting Pogs. You can play with old tyres like I did.

  • the first series

  • They are pizza shaped...

  • tyres are?

  • Had some 1st series too...

    I thought maybe a whole series might be worth something, but they are worth F.A.


  • pogs

  • The game can then begin as follows:
    The players each contribute an equal number of pogs to build a stack with the pieces facing down, which will be used during the game.[4]
    The players take turns throwing their slammer (heavy rubber, metal or plastic cylinder shaped piece, with different textures and colors) down onto the top of the stack, causing it to spring up and the pogs to scatter. Each player keeps any pogs that land 'face up' after their throw.[4][7]
    After each throw, the pogs which have landed 'face down' are then re-stacked for the next player.
    When no pogs remain in the stack, the player with the most pogs is the 'winner'.[4]

    I'm too old for this shit.

  • I'm too African for this shit

  • Sorry, thought this was the pizza thread. I was looking to talk about toppings but I must have got lost somewhere on the way.

    BTW - Monster in my Pocket was cooler than Pogs

  • had a Basilico on Saturday - it was yum
    That better?

  • Yum. Sounds lovely.

    What I really wanna know is, if we can choose our own fillings for the Stokey Calzone?

  • Turns out my work Christmas do is *either *the 14th or the 15th. We are voting and I have voted 15th, obviously.

    I really hope it ends up being the 15th :(

  • I wonder if you could turn any pizza off the menu into a calzone?

  • With a calzone that big, I assume it has every type of filling.

  • Where's good to get rowdy round there afterward?

  • there's an awesome guinness selling pub called the Shillelagh up the road...

  • Jolly Butchers, managed by Londons Famous LFGSS member jcgarcia

  • Oh yeah, let's go there. I hear he's getting bicycle stands soon too. Let's get our guzzle on!

    Stonehedge, I see you lurking. Y u never comes for the pizza?

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The Monthly International PizzaEating Amalgamation of Champions

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