• :(
    terrible news. thoughts with all who have lost someone suddenly and unexpectedly.

  • rip

    truly saddened

  • RIP

    Horrific, again, how many more until someone in power takes action?

  • Never sure what action can be taken.. Either bad driving.. Or bad cycling.. Or a combination of the both..

    I only know it's always the cycling soft machine that's come off worst..

  • Rip

  • Rest in Peace

    Another tragedy, this time in my area - very sad news. I go across that road in front of the Apollo most mornings at around that time.

  • sorry to hear this

  • Really sad and sorry about this. My thoughts are with her friends and family. Also the cyclists on this route who witnessed the scene.

  • I hate these threads at the best of times. This is one route I use with my kids, which brings it right home. Poor girl, poor family.

  • Know this route well, i didn't ride it today. Such sad news. thoughts are with family and friends. tragic loss

  • very sad R.I.P

  • ride this route daily - lots of cyclists come off the thames path onto it :(

    such bad news r.i.p :(

  • hammersmithtoday.co.uk/defaul­t.asp?section=info&page=conaccident003.h­tm and they'll be writing more about it as soon as they get more info.

  • I hate this! So sorry.

  • Why is it always girls? I worry for myself and fellow female cyclists more and more every time I see one of these stories.


    It's perhaps the (possibly sexist) notion that women are generally more cautious than men when it come to riding the bicycle - i.e. the women are likely to follow the TfL pathetic cycle lane and boxes that'll ulimately be the untimely death of them.

    I still blame TfL for putting cyclists are a greater risk by creating cycle lane that put them in a very dangerous position.

    (I'm aware that there wasn't a cycle lane at the incident).

  • That HGV is modern, have all the necessary safety feature (from the twitter picture), yet it still managed to kill a cyclist.

    Thought for her families in this terrible unnecessary loss of life.

  • I've looked at the accident scene and I spoke to someone who was there right after it happened this evening. It's only fair to say that I"ll not be putting stuff here about that chat. But this wasn't a cycle lane thing. You need to see the area (or google streetview it) to see what it's like.

    twitpic.com/4qn1jtn she was coming from the direction the camera is looking, the lorry came from behind the camera.

  • On behalf of Naoko's workmates, I would like to thank you all for your messages of support. Naoko was a Japanese national who had lived in London for 10 years. She was quite a shy person, but loved her bicycle and regularly did the trip from her home in the West Hill area of Wandsworth/Putney along the safe path alongside the river to the office in hammersmith. I do the same journey on a daily basis, albeit a little later and am finding it very difficult to understand how circumstances arose for this tragic accident. Her parents will come to London for the pm next week. We will miss her beautiful smile , her kind nature and remember her always. Kindest regards Rich

  • jesus

    I dont want my girlfriend to cycle because of things like this, why does it always seem to be girls who get run down by these lorries?

    RIP, so sad

  • Thank you rich66 for your post
    Such a tragedy
    Thoughts for Naoko's family, friends & colleagues
    Rest In Peace

  • tragic. thoughts are with her family and friends. Sorry for your loss.

  • rich66 sorry for your loss and all who knew Naoko. it's sad and shameful that lives are cut short in this tragic and avoidable way.

  • This pisses me off immensely. The local authority listen to pub landlords next to the river regarding cyclists, but won't listen to cyclists regarding the dangerous actions of lorries?

    Shame on them. Poor girl.

    My girlfriend cycles to work (albeit occasionally) and I'm paranoid that I'll get that call at some point.

    Get her to sign up to a bike buddying scheme, where an instructor will meet her at home ride with her to work and when her working day is done, there'll be the instructor there to meet her and get her back home. It'll be a potentially slow journey where they'll both stop to chat about potential problem parts of the route but she should come out feeling very confident within herself.

    Fear >>>>>>>>>>>>>

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2011-04-28 - Rider Down/Fatality, Queen Caroline Street, Hammersmith

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