• valves?

    Yeah, not just the length though (I can fix that).

  • It's clean?

    Hah yeah it was on the receiving end of a jet wash this morning. Herne Hill mud is stubborn.

  • Fook yeah! But something isn't quite right. Who can spot it?

    The front valve is in the wrong spot relative to the spoke pattern. It should be in a more open spot like the rear.

  • I only noticed because my flashy rear carbon whell has the same problem. I was out of phase on the triple pattern and had to move half the NDS spokes. Which messed up my valve placement. Not that it matters with only 24 spokes to get in the way.

    Still grates though.

  • ^Good spot. Tempted to spend a couple of hours rebuilding it :(

  • How did that happen? Did you build the wrong way from the key spoke?

  • No - that's how it was shipped to me from China, unfortunately. My first test ride may conveniently pass Arup's place ;)


    I'd be asking for one

  • srly?


    Out of interest, how much were they all in?

  • Paid £600 for the wheelset + an additional pair of 50mm rims inc. postage, fees etc.
    Tubs, pair, Condor: £100
    Cement, Aquaseal:£20

    For everything else there's...


    I'd be asking for one

    Might mention it in an attempt to negotiate cheaper stuff but I'm not that bothered. I could sort it out myself if I had the time, if not it's a 30 min job for Arup.

  • I posted this in the Road Bike Recommendations thread so thought I should also post it here.
    This is about my full carbon frameset purchased a few months ago.

    I've done around 2-3 hundred on it now. First impressions where good and it was as I expected for a £250 full carbon frameset.
    The bads:
    Their was some build up of material on the fork crown, meaning the headset race wouldnt sit dead flat, it's about 1/2 a mm off on one side. I could have reamed it or sanded it but I didn't bother. It hasn't made any noticeable difference.
    The exit hole for the front derailleur cable to come through the bottom bracket was slightly too small, so I sanded it a little so the cable fit through and it's not been a problem since.
    One of the holes for the bottle cages has some dodgy threading. I still got a screw in to it, but wouldn't want to screw it in and out too often.
    It didn't come with a rubber cable guide for under the BB, nor any screws for it or for the bottle cages.
    The Goods:
    The frame is light and stiff, the forks have a little noticeable flex, but no more than I have noticed in other full carbon forks and certainly not enough for me to notice when going up hills or sprinting.
    The seatpost that came with it was nice, but I changed it to make my stem.
    Everything went on it perfectly, apart from the 2 very minor details mentioned previously.
    The ride itself is lovely, the carbon smooths out all the tiny little bumps that my BMC would bounce over, it's a world apart from my full Alu track bike. I also feel quicker on it, I don't know whether it's because the sizing is better or what. I can get lean down loads on corners and it goes exactly where I want. So overall, very pleased with it.

  • I wonder how many headsets it'll go through in the first 12 months?

  • the headset came with the frame, I think it's the same as the ones Decathlon use. So I don't really care if it breaks.

    If it breaks, I'll file it down when fitting the new one.

  • I wonder how many headsets it'll go through in the first 12 months?

    Been said.


  • good thing you got yours replaced then.

  • Clinchers, not tubs.

  • That'll buff out.....

    ....makes note to self to check braking surface

  • Been said.


  • Hi guys, have people come to a conclusion on where the best place to source some good, and hopefully cheap, 50-60mm crabon clincher rims?

  • sumo just bought the planet x ones

  • I also want them on track hubs... forgot to mention that!

    Doh! Just realised you meant planet-x rim, not wheel. Nice one.

  • I did mean the pre-built wheels, £99 for a rim is ok. they are tubs though

  • sumo just bought the planet x ones

    I've got the PX ones with an aluminium braking surface because cheap carbon ones are known for failing after heat built up from braking.
    If you're using them on a track/tarck bike they might be fine as you won't be braking on them.

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Orient Express - Cheap Chinese Rims / Wheels / Forks / Frames / Cranks / Etc

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