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  • ^ fuck off. In Our Time is awesome. And Melvin's undertone of frustration with at least one of his guests any given week keeps me on edge week.

    And comedy podcasts keep me up when I listen to them while going to bed.

    Hah. Irony there that possibly didn't come across. I do listent to it when I get a chance, at so I can't dislike it that much.

    That says pancake day, but if you play it, it has 'Melvyn Bragg' in it.


    and O'hare Pancake Day - YouTube[/ame]

  • 'stuff you should know' free downloads from itunes are quite interesting, sometimes comical US podcasts. Mainly around 20 minutes long each.

  • Hah. Irony there that possibly didn't come across. I do listent to it when I get a chance, at so I can't dislike it that much.

    That says pancake day, but if you play it, it has 'Melvyn Bragg' in it.

    Mulligan and O'hare Pancake Day - YouTube

    Yeah, I figured. Still had to get Melvin's back. Even though I suspect he's a right cock in real life. I just respect what he does as a public intellectual. We don't really have those in Canada (to the same degree). So the likes of him and Laurie Taylor (and whoever it is that puts them on air) are gold-star heroes, in my book.

    Brian Cox, on the other hand, can piss off. He creeps the fuck out of me.

  • has this been retuned yet?

  • I don't think we are on the same wavelength

  • there was a really nice spoken word piece by scroobius pip on a week or two back on radio 4 late night 11.15 or so definately worth a listen

    he is allegedly now one of britains formost spoken wordsmiths according to radio 4 and his albums aren't bad neither

  • I don't think we are on the same wavelength

    I dont know where you are but Im at ohm

  • ^ I would rep, but I can't.

  • Search for Carl Sagan in iTunes, there's a couple of podcasts in tribute to him I've got queued up.

  • Also Limmy's World of Glasgow for mo' lulz

  • I subscribe to Richard Herring's "warming up" which is just him reading his daily blog. it's dull at the moment though as he's on holiday after Edinburgh. "As it occurs to me", his unedited weekely stand up and sketch show (written, rehearsed and performed in 48 hours every week) was hit and miss (and very VERY crude) but when it hit it was great. It's a total birds nest of self referntial call backs though so if you don't listen from the beginning you'll probably be totally lost. I recently did the whole three (?) series pretty much back to back. It's fun to hear Richard Herring mentally unravel as the series progresses too. (aside: it isn't)

  • The audio version of this story by the BBC's Moscow Correspondent Steve Rosenburg, recorded on the 'elektrichka' train to Petushki is a brilliantly evocative portrait of Putin's Russia in 2012.

    Audio journalism at its best - I first heard it on Broadcasting House on Sunday and had to go back and listen to it again (just follow the link then scroll down the page to the box and press play):­7095227

  • Graeme Obree interview recorded a LMNH by the 'Bike Show' from resonance fm:

  • Highbrow listening these days FOX

  • On a comedy tip:

    The Bugle - Andy Zaltsman and John Oliver giggling at each other for an hour (better than it sounds)
    Adam & Joe - on 6music and XFM although you'll need to trawl the archives to find them

    Elsewhere, the Desert Island Discs archive is now available so you can choose your presenter and subject, and avoid all the crap you don't like. Endless autobiographical joy

  • i only listen to 2 podcasts.
    The Complete Guide To Everything (comedy, 2 guys chatting shit for an hour, love it) Generally an hour long, decent back catalogue to get you through a few weeks

    Stuff You Should Know (2 guys educating you on whatever the subject matter of the week is) range in length from 20mins to over an hour.

  • High Times presents Danny Danko's Free Weed

    RSA podcasts are pretty varied and on the whole interesting


    fast and/or heavy music and politics from canadia

  • 99% Invisible - architecture, sort of, for people who aren't architects. A lot of it is really economics though. In the same vein as This American Life, Planet Money, Radio Lab.

    Answer Me This - Sony Radio Award winning podcast. Two friends answering questions in a jovial manner, one of which is the sister of Andy Zaltzman (of The Bugle and Daily Show fame).

    Freakonomics Radio - spin off radio show by the guys who wrote the pretty famous odd ball economics book of the same name.

  • Didn't know BBC5 live had a monthly cycling magazine Bespoke

    Tonight's episode has Steve Peters and Marianne Vos interviews

    last months is still up­poke

  • Adam and Joe, ooooh, schwah, my nipples

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Recommend me a podcast

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