2011 Pro-cycling season thread

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  • Very interesting... has Cav shown any links there? I know there has been speculation linking him to a couple of teams but I hadn't heard anything about him and Rabobank.

    IMO he'd be very silly to allow himself to be split from Eisel and Renshaw.

  • What makes you think its silly? What if he finds a better leadout team?

  • Mainly recycling quips from Phil Liggett

    the best lead out man in the business!!

    Seriously though (and I really don't know very much about this) but it seems to me that while Cav is undoubtedly a great sprinter the cohesion of his lead-out train is so great that when they get control it almost feels like a forgone conclusion that Cav will cross the line first. Yes he can certainly win sprints without them too but I would guess he would win fewer.

    What makes me think that he couldn't find a better lead-out team? It strikes me that that there is more to a leadout train than pure athleticism, and the level of understanding, trust and cohesion involved doesn't just grow up over night. Renshaw has been Cav's last man for what? The last 3 years and I think there is a level of almost intuition between them that would be hard to replace.

    I've never done a road race far less been involved in a bunch sprint and maybe I'm underestimating their professionalism, but from my background in rowing (a long time ago) I can say with certainty that finding a pairs partner who you "click" with is worth more than relying on purely athletic measures for selection.

    As for Eisel that is entirely based on what I have read but it seems a lot of people attribute a large proportion of HTC's tactical nouse to him which would be a valuable asset anywhere. Plus from footage of the TdF the last couple of years Eisel has been dedicated to the cause of dragging Cav over the high mountains.

  • this is what Miller tweeted
    "I knew he was gonna go, he even told me when and where, I still couldn't do anything when he did. The joys of racing against Phil Gilbert."

  • Really enjoying the Eneco tour at the moment.

    Interesting TT course.

  • Last stage was good too.


    That tub roll was so unlucky.

  • I liked this photo:

    OPL riding on the front on the last day of the Eneco tour

  • BMC have confirmed the signing of Phil Gilbert on a three year contract.

    Are they going to have too many chiefs and not enough indians?

  • It's 'Native Americans', you fucking racist.

  • Nice. Pinotti signed too. So now they are going to dominate next season classics.
    You will only have Evans and Gilbert as the chiefs, no? Gilbert for Classics and Evans for Grand Tours.
    Hushovd is approaching the end of his career so he will just fade like Hincapie and share his experience. Same with Pinotti?
    Not sure about Ballan.

  • Ballan has won a monument, which is more than can be said for Hushovd. What about the likes of Van Avermaet, Burghart, Kroon, Hincapie etc too? All of them think of themselves as classics specialists and have ambitions to win the major races.

  • True, there is Phinney too.

  • Just listened to the Vuelta podcast by Matt Rendell, he has Wiggins on the phone who pretty much confirms Cavendish as coming to Sky next year

  • cyclingnews.com/news/vinokour­ov-has-his-future-in-his-hands

    How many races does a rider, with lots of valuable UCI points, have to race? One and then he discovers his injuries have come back and he moves in to management?

  • So Vino might be riding again.
    Astana, by hiring Kashechkin, broke a 28 rider per team rule. They solved this problem by firing another rider and kept Vino on official UCI team members list.

  • In other news, Eurosport commentators just mentioned that Cav pulled out from Vuelta.

  • No Eisel to get him over the climbs

  • Cavendish has a lot to disprove if he's to win the Worlds;


  • He does have a habit of proving his critics wrong though.

  • Is it wrong that I don't want him to be WC?

  • Why not?

  • I like my WCs to be a bit gung ho, Silly breaks and lone assaults from ridiculous distances. Not a very Cav thing to do?

    Great if he does (I can't see it happening), but I think there would be better WCs.

  • It's only because you have your heart on Nancy being the first Manx WC.

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2011 Pro-cycling season thread

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