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  • I teach art.

    Monogrammed Cinderella Smock for sure.

  • Single breasted.
    Also picked up a couple of ties for general use as they came with a hefty discount:

    First tie, yes, second tie, no.

  • I'm not sure it's actually that tie. It is paisley, but the pattern isn't silver - it's just a selection of multi-hued blues - certainly not so garish but that was the closest I could find on their site.

  • anyone used this place on the cut?

    had a suit made there a couple of months ago. love it. they do various deals depending on the cloth. the really cheap ones aren't really bespoke they just take a couple of measurements then send you the result. fully bespoke ones start from about £450 and they do as many fittings and adjustments as you want.

    went for heavy-ish charcoal herringbone from a range that was £500 for a 2 piece with handmade shirt and extra pair of trousers. i swapped the extra trousers for a 5 button waistcoat with a cloth back (i'll get more trousers later).

    absolutely love it.

  • If anyone is interested we have a space in our office:

  • Reiss have some really nice coats at around 70% off (£74), was going to buy but I restrained myself as I had already visited Muji and Albam - (as well as the estate agents!).

  • I just bought these...I'm pretty excited.

  • Heh, love Andy

  • Chunk "Bike Polo" polo shirts in some sorta greyish green colour* are £19.99 in TK Maxx (at last @ Temple Mills).
    Those are £30 online

    It's the one with this logo (not the RL inspired one):

    *) RAL6012

  • i was enjoying that till i saw kanye

  • What's wrong with kanye?

  • i find him unnecessarily arrogant

  • Imma let you finish, but Kanye is the most arrogant person ever.

  • What's wrong with kanye?

    U serious bro?
    I feel like nerging if you're serious..

  • Imma let you finish, but Kanye is the most arrogant person ever.

    Apart from being a cunt, yes.

  • I like Kanye West. He is a good cartoon character, a caricature. More interesting culturally than a dozen whining mediocre indie bands.

    'Nerg' me all you like, KnowNowt.

  • I like Kanye West...

    Ur dead to me.

  • I mean... WTF!?

  • Thanks for adding reputation to one of the above users. May you .....blah,blah.........

  • Mad seeing all those familiar characters in the same room. Great vid!

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