Birmingham Bike Polo Chat & BS Thread

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  • I keep getting emailed the blog posts, can someone take me off as admin so I don't have to receive them... cheers!

    James Black and I are now co-chairs of the LHBPA btw. whoop whoop.

  • A steady rise to power then Jess. Will you look kindly on us when your at the top?

  • Ha! I've spent more time writing proposals and articles on polo this week than playing so far :( wahhhhhh.

  • doomed to sit behind a laptop at tourneys now like JohnH?

  • Nah, he's still the secretary ;) He loves that shit.

  • Another rave review from my favourite critic

  • I keep getting emailed the blog posts, can someone take me off as admin so I don't have to receive them... cheers!

    I think the easiest way to do it if you log in and delete your address from the account.

  • I've already done it, or think I have. Should be done now.

  • Cheers guys, I didn't know my password anyway.

  • Any poloists interested in paying some squash at Birmingham Uni?

    My missus works there so I can get a membership, and then you can play for £3.50 each time.

    I'm keen to play once a week (maybe twice). I played fairly regularly for a few years, but stopped about two years ago, so was fairly rubbish and am now no doubt completely rubbish. So it's good to play me if you've never played before.

    Squash is ace, and surely makes great cross training for polo...

  • Wolverhampton is go next sunday everyone, so keep it free.

    Hi Fin,

    The 16th Sept is fine, we will book the court and confirm with you. How about 10am start if that suits you. We can feed everybody with a free b-b-q and drinks.

    We may be able to field 2 amateur teams if that helps with numbers, we look forward to competing for the gold in bike polo.


    Simon Beech

  • Sounds great Fin.

  • someone's put our names all over the internet!­ity/BIR.html

    Might want to log in/sign up to change details @Fin, you and Andy are registered as Bristol players..

  • /attachments/58255

    Fin's game face.

    • DSCF1363.jpg
  • stripped down my frame today ready for some new colours.. any suggestions?

    • IMG_0840.jpg
  • nice work! was it red underneath? perhaps leave it shiny bare metal?

  • Yeah, but it all came off together. Did most of it by hand, but used an electric sander for some. Although it looks good bare, I think I want to do something special...for the practise.

  • i regretted not experimenting more with graphics when I did my polo frame. if i did it again I'd go for a simple design like on this merckx. Just need some masking tape and a selection of colours. So satisfying when you pull of the tape and see a perfect line...

  • By the way, you'll need to get rid of the remaining old paint round the lugs otherwise the new paint will flake off really easy and ruin your hard work

  • Yeah, I've just ordered some Nutshell paint remover to get rid of the tricky bits.. love those colours on the merckx

  • Eager to know how good that stripper is (wahey!). They've recently changed the ingredients in Nitromors so now it's well shit, as well as very expensive

  • Worth reading for next sunday -

    thanks for your support for the bike polo event on 16th. A few details you may find useful. As Simon says we'll be at the Bradmore Recreation Ground, Church Road, Wolverhampton, WV3 7ET. Event running from 10 - 2.00pm. In total, We have had about 20 youths come along to the sessions we have offered over the summer - i hope we can encourage them all to come out on Sunday (which we have worked on with invites/posters etc - but with youth no guarentees!!) It would be great if you could arrange some fun skills/drills that can introduce people to the skills and techniques of bike polo / bike control as well as demonstrate the fast paced game yourselves. Obviously playing a few games is the ultimate aim so there will be chance to do that - all very relaxed and fun based. One thing that i have to check out is health and safety stuff - council requests! We will be insisting on helemts as minimum. If you have any spare safety equipment that may be useful. Do you have a risk assessment that you can email to us? Also - does your association have its own insurance when doing these events? Again - if you can email me that it would be good. Any other issues let us know.

    Fin are you able to reply to this? Or would you like me to?

  • Y.. love those colours on the merckx

    Looks like one of your shellsuits.

  • Fin are you able to reply to this? Or would you like me to?

    I'll respond.

  • I got a litre of Nitromors (the old one) from B&Q for about £8 in the reduced bit.

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Birmingham Bike Polo Chat & BS Thread

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