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  • Well that was a good post, in the most part, and not just a snark at my posting style, which is a pleasant change.

    and you complain that my posts are patronising? Sheesh.

  • Mate you've been doing it to me for ages now. That was a honest comment.

  • You guys need to lay off the testosterone.

  • Jimmy has spoken...


  • You guys need to lay off the testosterone.

    I did. It must have been in the dodgy shepard's pie I ate in Wales once

  • Don't think you should bring his relatives into this Jimmy.

  • ha. Rep.

  • Oh, and I'm not getting sucked into tit-for-tat here. I've said my bit. That is all.

  • That's brilliant: you snipe at my posts looking to geta rise out of me, you get a rise out of me then say you're not trying to troll me, then say you're not going to get sucked into a tit-for-tat. If I could I'd rep you I would, but apparently I have to spread it around, and not because I've nerged you.

    Well played.

  • see it however you want to. I wasn't trying to get a rise or wind you up (you seem to be able to do that all on your own). Even if I had the time to respond in full, I don't think I would have the inclination - it doesn't really seem that you're angry at cycling any more, just me.

  • As I said well played. You have this whole passive-aggressive thing down pat, really. Chapeau

  • You're both arseholes

  • Repped

  • It's all gone a bit scottmac today.

  • that's a bit harsh on the Jimmy

  • I'd be offended but I don't understand the reference

  • Thanks for the bants guys. Most entertaining.

  • pleasure.

  • Now go and do some work!

  • done it. Thanks

  • Shan't

  • I think you guys need to get a room. You're too cute.

  • I think we're more at the cigarette smoking stage now

  • my heart was never really in it. I am promised to another and I got caught up in the moment.

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