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  • sorry to have such a vague post, but they are vital in fixed freestyle, as a snapped one leads to melon knee.

    i need a long and strong one! bmx ones are aimed at microdrive more these days, so 44t -16t with a long 700c chainstay could be an issue, i dont wanna have to buy 2 chains!



  • UTFS, £1 fee, etc.

  • yep could have predicted that..

    again; i am looking for a strong bmx chain long enough for 44-16

  • diamond back half link, fits mine with 5 links left over,
    with 44-16 and 700c chainstays, and quite a large clearance

  • KMC z510hx, i've only ever used it for bmx, but its the best single speed chain i've found and Have never snapped one and for that reason is now the only I will ever use!

  • Any bmx chain.
    I use a kmc one.
    make sure its a 112 links or whatever they normally come in

  • agree!!! KMC z510hx are the bestt!

  • Wippermann 1R8 comes in 112 link now, make sure you don't get an old stock 96 link one. I had quite a bit left over after fitting to 53/15 geared track bike, so plenty long enough. In fact, if you check you'll find 96 link will fit 44/16 up to a chainstay length of 415mm

  • KMC. Reasonable price and strong.

  • Wippermann 1R8 - twice the price of a KMC Z510HX, worth every penny :-)

  • I like the KMC D101, use it on my SS/FG bikes

  • Had a KMC Z510HX Dropbuster on my bmx for 2 years, and on my fixie for over 1 year. Both hold up incredibly well, and as a result of having the same chain on 3 bikes, i have enough spare links to make a new chain. Definately money well spent.

    Also had a KHE Collapse chain (BMX, but should fit), and that never snapped and took serious punishment.

  • I like the KMC D101, use it on my SS/FG bikes

    I use this on both of my FG bikes and think it's really good. Put up with more than a years commuting brakeless on my beater and is still nice and quiet after 100's miles on my best bike.

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