Crashes - blood, bones, broken stuff

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  • there's a re-direct in the polo sub-forum to this, but it'll only be there for one week.

  • wasp sting to the eyelid while mtbing down by the river, 2002.

    hey you guys!

  • Snapped chain on a bmx:­ads/gallery/1242140543/gallery_13468_176­0_30580.jpg
    The lump of gravel came out of that dark bit about 48 hours after I stacked it.

    95% of the ligaments torn (held together by 5%) and broken ankle after slipping out footjamming on a wet coping:­ads/gallery/1206793351/gallery_13468_183­9_15800.jpg

    A week later:­ads/gallery/1202823759/gallery_13468_183­9_24385.jpg

    I've done loads of others too: Dislocated sholdure and broken collar bone after hooking up on a 22ft hip. Broke both kneecaps and impact fracture on my right fore-arm after catching my front wheel on concrete vert. Broke my arm in 6 places between my wrist and my elbow after sliding out on gravel on a long board.
    I don't ride bmx anymore, I grew up :(

  • Polo ball to face.


    • 24022009179.jpg
  • Perhaps the greatest toll that polo takes on the players is a mental one. You see them walking round in a daze, unable even to remember what it is they are doing or what the strange club-like implements they are holding are for.

  • I'm not being edgy, but taking pictures of your own bikes to post on the internet, is in my opinion a bit wank.

    I mean, it depends. If not for some pictures I can find online, I wouldn't know how certain bikes look. Also, it's good to have the point of reference when gathering components etc.
    It's not all about the vanity.

  • I'd say 'always wear a helmet' but its more a case of 'don't go blundering out of a side junction while out of your face on smack and take out a cyclist'. Actually, if you do the latter, the police don't give you such a hard time as when you get taken out while not wearing a helmet. Its a funny old world.

    • hospital 1.jpg
  • or does this only count if you're playing polo?

  • Shit dude, that's seriously fucked up.

    How long did it take to heal up ?

  • This is no longer polo specific.

    No injuries, no talk.

  • it's in misc now.

  • This is no longer polo specific.

    No injuries, no talk.

    Let the Daily Mail to find this thread. It's going to be fun - no road tax, brakeless immigrants, strain on the NHS...

  • Tripped over a bike frame

  • It's ok. No swelling = no fracture :-)

  • It was a dislocation but it's not ok actually; permanently swollen, sore and disfigured. Which is I have lawyers pursuing a case against my ex-employer's insurance.

  • I can only imagine. Did you get any physio to gain better movement?

  • Tripped over a bike frame

    if it's any consolation i had my middle finger on my right hand swollen for over a year, after a boxing accident. The joint squeaked the entire time from the fluid in the joint. Took a damn age to get better, it's still not right.

  • It's about as good now as it ever will be; I can make a fist, bend it that way but not straighten in out completely. And my dreams of being a hand-model are over.

  • I'm so sorry, Will. My mate's sister is a one-time hand-model. During her brief career, she plunged coffee cafetières for a famous coffee cafetière company. To think, she could been your break in the industry...

    But really, that's shit. Good luck with the claim.

  • Imagine being a hand model... Fair ego shot.

    "Yeah, your head is a bit ugly, but I reckon we could use your hands"

  • Ah, but non-hand-models get it worse - ugly face and hands.

  • What are you saying, H?

  • That although my hands and face are a bit "meh", I make a wicked penis model.

  • Like scale models?

  • Ha!

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Crashes - blood, bones, broken stuff

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