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  • oh good, this discussion again. I thought the basic, most fundamental and only thing we could agree on (apart from both pics having the same bike) was 'each to their own' although certain practices may be frowned upon?

  • ^And we don't agree on that. I would rather someone took two shots in one day with different bikes than use a pre-tag which makes it all too easy. Above all, no night shots with inadequate cameras!

  • argh!

  • Nice one, JC - you've just re-ignited the Great Pre-Tag Debates of ... well it happens pretty much every couple of weeks. Just don't get caught / announce to the world that's what you're planning to do.

    Of course, if you go and get Brain-Stew's mysterious posts and move the game on a bit, all will be forgiven.

  • so since we can't agree on anything, then surely 'each to their own interpretation of the basic premise' is the lowest common denominator? and no reflecto porn?

  • MinhDinh's word is the law. :)

  • Ninja Bike is Ninja

    new tag with slightly less ninja skillz

    And, tell us where the tag is when you find it.

  • He did I think, in the previous post with the links rather than pics. Though 'near Goldhawk Road tube' could have been a wee bit more specific.

  • Might have had my bike nicked, but not letting the fuckers get me down.

    Right, so the latest tag is my the erstwhile street artist Phlegm, and this piece of work is over near GOldhawk Road tube. Unfortunately post-work winter tags and a blackberry mean crap photos, so here is my tag:­51555_161d6f4368_b.jpg
    (you can vaguely make out my black and white bike against the monochrome background...)

    But if you want to see the full thing its glory, this is what it looks like in daylight:­ploads/2011/09/West-London-PHLEGM.jpg

    And the clue for the next tag:
    You'll have to really work hard to find the link between these two, but if you work hard enough you'll demolish it in no time.­51269_5e02a14a48_b.jpg

    And, tell us where the tag is when you find it.

    Oh Will...

  • We have a new rule to disagree about, Thanks Will

    1. No reflecto porn.
    2. No blank or near blank walls.
    3. No hogging the game.
    4. Locations must be freely accessible to the public.
    5. Old and new tags must have the same bicycle
    6. The rules may only be broken only if one of the two following clauses apply
      a) It is funny
      b) You really, really want to
    7. Rule 6 does not apply in the case of rule 1.
    8. The committee's decision is final.
      9. And, tell us where the tag is when you find it
  • Oh skydancer...

  • too slow

  • Go Scoot...

  • I think i have an idea where this is tbh, although i should be revising i'm tempted to have a crack

  • If you're mad put the rules in the OP then newcomers won't have to trawl through five thousand posts to find them, as fun as that sounds.

    We would love to put the rules in the OP but the mysterious MinhDinh has disappeared and we can't edit his post!

    Welcome to the game anyway. It's always nice to have new players.

    I know what building Brain Stew is talking about in his last clue (the one near the tag) but scouring the area on google maps hasn't helped!

  • old opposite city thameslink


    how do you enter the competition?

  • I-recognise-those-iron-works

  • me too (which is another clue)

  • me too (which is not a clue)

  • cant-remember-where-from-though...

  • Made by this fine Scotsman if I'm not mistaken.


  • Might get this tomorrow, and I've got in unrelated but interesting tag to follow it. Been too long.

  • I was so far off.

  • me too (which is another clue)

    Ooh! I know!

  • the name of the shade of red used on the ironworks [not visible] is a clue to the location, too.
    group tag tomorrow?
    6pm good?

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Bicycle Tag of bike

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