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  • 1st time I switched on plane mode it was not as good as I was hoping.

  • @GA2G there are far nicer looking widgets than that one. I use switchpro which I think I paid for but it is one of the nicest looking ones IMO obviously.

  • I agree that there are less obtrusive widgets, but the one I use has the highest rating, and it works as described. It can't be smaller, and I like the green bar within the widget.

    By the way, I like your wallpaper. Is it some type of security wallpaper, that guarantees that nobody would ever steal your phone? It appears that you like a bit of a cluttered environment. :-)

    Hang on a second, is that from a Galaxy Note? I see 5 shortcuts at the bottom of the screen.

  • It is crazy cluttered, I like mine a bit more chilled.

  • By the way, I like your wallpaper. Is it some type of security wallpaper, that guarantees that nobody would ever steal your phone? It appears that you like a bit of a cluttered environment. :-) EDIT: ***Hang on a second, is that from a Galaxy Note? I see 5 shortcuts at the bottom of the screen***.

    I kind of liked how ridiculously bad the wallpaper was and haven't been arsed changing it as WP Clock needs something bold there. The Widgets are all individual and you can have the indicator any colour you want. I chose that blue as it matches the status bar colour. Although I have that hidden as you can see.

    Definitely not a Note I'm afraid, SGS 2 running Go Launcher. I couldn't handle something that big in my pocket. Ooh err missus!

  • ....I couldn't handle something that big in my pocket...

    Yes you could. Don't be bashful.

  • Lifehacker's 5 Best Android Phones

    Summary of their results:

    1. Samsung Galaxy Note
    2. HTC One X
    3. Samsung Galaxy S II
    4. Motorola Droid series (Droid Maxx, Droid 4)
    5. Samsung Galaxy Nexus

    Its not scientific of course, but interesting nonetheless.

  • I've gone for the HTC One X. Had been after the Galaxy Nexus but the 32GB storage and 25GB Dropbox upgrade swayed me.

    Wasn't happy about the battery, then realised I've yet to buy a spare or replacement for a phone.

  • Got ics now no idea what it adds thats new though. Font looks good though.

    Any ideas whats new with ics?

  • Blimey - I'll bookmark that for later reading thanks.

  • Are many people using auxiliary batteries?

    I got one of those duracell ones (which turned out to be pretty poor for a couple of reasons).

    These TeckNet ones look pretty good. (about four times the capacity at the same cost, compared to the duracell one I bought). Anyone using them?

  • The SAMSUNG event tomorrow is at 7pm UK time, and in Oxford Street, at the Phones4U shop. Its supposed to be for the Galaxy S III, but some think its for a new tablet........I doubt it would be such a huge deal, if it was for a humdrum tablet.

    (Note the goth fixieskidder).

    Rumour has it that it will be available in blue and white.

    Is anybody going to work tomorrow? Has the government issued notice of an emergency holiday? Were the jets and the military out today as a show of strength, just because the phone launch tomorrow? It all makes sense now.

    But if the battery is non-replaceable, then I won't be getting it. I hope they don't follow the Sony and HTC path on that issue.

  • White tyres ain't goth.

  • Another battery related question.

    After rooting and switching to CM7, my battery life was great, full day of medium usage, no problem.

    In the last week, my battery life has taken a huge nose dive. Massive. Previously, if you look at this:

    Standby is using 2 times display, it's usually the other way round. Any ideas??

    Why is WiFi and Standby rinsing battery all of a sudden? WTF is it doing?

  • Were you travelling?

    Even on standby it needs to get a signal, if you're travelling (in a car or train), then it will constantly be searching for towers.

    So travelling could be the reason.

    Can't think of another scenario in which standby might consume power like that.

  • I have been commuting by train for the last week, this did cross my mind after some research, but it then carries on like that throughout the day. I sit at a desk all day...

  • Same desk? Perhaps a tower is down nearby and it's hunting to a differet one?

  • I've noticed since upgrading my phnoe to ICS Galaxy S2 my battery hasn't been all that good.

    For some reason my RAM is now running at 400mb with the mem cleared. This was around half that before the ICS update. Has anyone else noticed this? I'm really tempted to root now.

  • Yeah, same desk. That could be it, I am just confused and annoyed.

  • It is possible that if you have a weak signal that it could be searching, but if your workplace is the same location as usual you would've noticed prior to now.

    Best tip to test: Put the phone in airplane mode when you're on the train, see if that solves it.

  • OK, will do.

    Actually, I've just been thinking, I dropped my phone hard enough to scratch the screen recently. Fucked the antenna?

  • Antenna's being internal are quite hard to screw up. They tend to be a slither of metal down the inside, and either are attached to the mainboard still, or aren't... they work, or they don't.

    So I think it's unlikely.

    Although... if you'd said you'd sat on the phone and it cracked... i.e. potentially bent the mainboard. Then it becomes plausible.

    But a drop is going to do far more damage to the outside than the inside.

  • OK, airplane mode test.

  • Samsung Earls Court Event.

    8MP Camera = Fucken Fail.

    Hellooooooooo SONY Hayabusa or Mint 1.

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Android phones, apps and tablets

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