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  • It has a trackball, its the model before the optical pads were used. Though I've never had any problems with the ball, unlike the blackberry pearl I had before this which needed removing and cleaning every day. Pm me your email so you dont get spam and ill send you the details when my new phone arrives.

  • Has anyone got any experience of Orange's 7 day phone change thing? If I want to change the Blackberry for the Hero, will they nail me by making me pay through the nose for the HTC as I will have to send the 9700 back? The 9700 and HTC are the same price online, so theoretically I could have been bartering for the HTC but wasn't aware. Fuck.

    There's usually a cooling off period. My boss got a new phone, used it for a couple of days, rang them to say it was shit and they sent her something else. Just speak to them until they give you what you want.. you are paying them after all.

  • apparently there might be some European legislation for a 7 day cooling off period for telesales contracts. So I might be able to legitimately play around with the phone and then send it back within a week.
    anyway I am now going to do a hippy and go for o2 simplicity I think. definitely had enough of orange. Anyone got a decentish blackberry for sale? 8520 or up?

    Ah, guess I should have continued reading the thread. :P

  • There is a 7-day cooling off period. I noted it for my Nexus and this is basically why I started downloading stuff from the first day... I had 7 days in which to evaluate the entire platform and to decide whether I should retreat quickly and get an iPhone. It only took me 2 days to know that the android platform beats almost every aspect of the iPhone platform and that I was fine... but still, the 7 day period is there for ALL contracts that include a phone, so as long as you're not pay as you go or sim only you can change your mind within a week of the contract starting (which may only give you a few days to actually play around).

  • ^ Bang on, Snoopert... If you bought it over the phone or online you get the 7-day cooling-off period, no questions asked... Act fast...

  • and i am able to change the phone but am tied to the contract or i can cancel the whole thing including contract? i've been googling and coming up with different answers.

  • Legally the cooling off period relates to the whole contract inc' phone... though you're likely to get less resistance if you just swap the phone for another and keep the contract.

  • IIRC you can get out of the whole thing... Ofcom website might tell you...

  • no upgrade til the 26th May for me, bum

  • The longer you wait for an upgrade, the more phones become available, and the lower the cost of previously released phones.
    It may be a blessing in disguise. I'd wanted the Xperia X10, but by the time it was eventually released, I got the Desire instead, which is a more impressive performer.

  • true, if i had been able to upgrade when i originally wanted i would have the hero, now i can get the desire

  • got my Milestone, very nice.

  • This:

    Solves everything ever...

    Monitors all apps installed for updates, syncs apps, helps you discover apps you might like.

    In short... it rocks, use it.

  • ^ quality, good find

  • Mobile phones using Google's Android operating system have outsold Apple's iPhone in the US for the first time, according to new research, as the battle between two of the biggest American technology firms to dominate the mobile web steps up a gear.

  • One just has to bear in mind that the US is a third world country when it comes to mobile technology.

  • ^ Symbian's Knight in shining armour... ;]

  • Symbian's market share in the US is miniscule. Thank fuck for the rest of the world.

  • ^ Symbian's Captain Save-a-ho!... ;]

    Steady on TS :D

  • Have my Desire for the past couple of days... awesome phone, but the battery saving App on the front screen vital considering my phone usage... as is carrying the recharger... when on when on when will battery development catch up with phone development?!

  • ^ooops, apologies kinda crashed the thread with a change of subject!

  • Do you like your large, 16k colour touch screen? 3G? Wifi? GPS? Camera and video capture? If so, then you'll have to get used to battery life diminishing.

  • Yeah, that's how I viewed. Less battery life than my old blackberry, but then... a bright screen and wifi on most of the time I'm at work or home, and GPS constantly churning... it's true that battery capacity hasn't increased like CPU speed has, and that's precisely why batteries last less time. This isn't an android issue, my iPhone suffers the same... use it a fair deal = charge it every night. I can deal with that.

  • It's common across all mobile OSs not just Android or iPhone.

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Android phones, apps and tablets

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