Friday Night Norwich City Rides

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  • Sick. Worked out another route for another time... Up unthank- hospital- bowthorpe- marlpit- hellesden- airport- sprowston- through mousehold- riverside- king st.- forum.
    What dya think. Planned a mape. Just over 20 miles.

  • I can do 9. no lights atm, so I will be in the peloton till sprint finish! ha

  • Dudes sorry for being a wimp, but spending time with a female snarble at the moment.....Next week for real I'm up for a ride. time.

  • Nice evening. Doig u gots a death wish boy! That taxi was so close. Got a map ready for next week be we all up for it. Chooooo

  • Nice ride, folks. Anyone up for a spin to the coast on Sunday?

    • IMG_0840.JPG
  • Nah can't do it Sunday (shame really. Will do at some point). Whos in for next friday? Will post a route later. Thinking some ghetto cut throughs.

  • Got one for anyone whos in for the challenge?...

    The Forum (Meet @ 9.00 leave @ 9.30)- unthank- hospital- bowthorpe- marlpit- hellesden- airport- sprowston- through mousehold- riverside- king st.- forum

    20+ miles, no stops. We will do the Mousehold snake on route for a good fun downhill ride.

    You all no the drill, beers after. Add names to the list so we don't leave anyone behind at the start this time.

    Click here to check the route map


    1. pissed_up_pista
    1. pissed_up_pista
    2. Sparky (07974 918855)
    1. pissed_up_pista
    2. Sparky (07974 918855)
  • Maybe the coast ride should wait until the 11th October.

    This is the route i was thinking:

  • nice ride guys! good to meet you all and have a beer and shit. Can't do sunday, but am up for friday again. I felt my front tyre in the morning and it was completely flat :S , some how I managed to get home without noticing!

  • Oh, no - was that from when we collided? I haven't dared check my spokes yet!

  • Yeah sick brothers... How many beers did you have up at Franks?

  • Good idea. Add name and number below so any late comers can catch us up!

    1. pissed_up_pista (07853851806)
    2. Sparky (07974 918855)

    Just in case you didn't see this above please check the route map/directions here:


    p.s. Good to c u coming back home snarbs...

  • None, it was 1 in 1 out by the time we got there. I was pretty knackered by that point though. Sweat out all those beers on the way through London I reckon.

    I noticed a new noise on the way up Mill Hill Road on the way home. Holly was more wobbly than normal, piss artist that she is. Checked her over when we got in, and disturbingly, the front nuts were completely loose. Lucky we didn't go one way and the wheel another.

    Speedway is massive!

    1. pissed_up_pista (07853851806)
    2. Sparky (07974 918855)
    3. Snarble
    4. MachineAreSkidz (07979 274 085)
  • Just remembered I'm working the next day, and the next day, and the next. Still, I'm up for the start, and probably the end. Just warning you that I may wimp out early. Wimp.

  • Don't be a lame ass. I just bought a chris king headset. Hopefully it will be here by friday!

  • Gah, Chris King? Lovely. I'm coming out, aren't I? Could be a long weekend, though. And I'm doing ten days in a row as of yesterday. Still, four days off in a row after that.

  • You know it makes sense. im gonna sell my frame and forks soon. Got my BMX to strip and sell (As I never get out on it any more). Sad to see it go but could put the money to good use...

    [Like this for example:


    Good price too, just have to order it from the US of A.
    Also check them on the leader ebay store here

  • That's a nice frame. I'm sticking with my trusty Fuji, though. We've been through a lot now, bit emotionally attached to each other. A couple of photo shoots, a handful of crashes, some nice rides in a few different cities...

  • Yeah but is a different colour with different bits on it!!! Lol. When did you become a model. I'd be taking offense that they cut your head off though. Send death threats, you know it makes sense.

  • Oooh! Nearly time. Ive only got 3.5 hours at work then its the weekend. Dunno whats happening with the weather though. Rain makes it more interesting. Haha! We still hooking up at 9 up the Forum?

  • Yeah I'm still in, working at about 60% power at the moment though, full of cold.

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Friday Night Norwich City Rides

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