Brighton Hard Court Bike Polo - Official Thread

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  • At least you didn't eat a roast when you were meant to be playing polo!

  • Duck & cover ! Tim's online

    Can anyone remember when we had good weather ? I think my bike has trench foot from all this rain !

  • So Brighton has a poloaner bike ! All it really need is a decent brake lever ! Has anyone got one to donate for tomorrow night ? I could probably pick it up tonight ! Text me if you do ! X

  • Really looking forward to seeing your new bike Chris.

    I'll have a look in my parts bin later for a lever. It's short pull right?

  • Yeah short pull will be fine ! It has one but it's one of those "dirty Harry" levers designed for a single finger & it's not working too well !
    The new bike is awesome :-p

  • Could it be true? A non-wet Wednesday? Hopefully.

  • Hey guys, the UK Champs is open to all UK teams (old and new). Hope to see each scene repping a few teams! Register your interest here as soon as you can please:

    Hope all is well in Brighton!

  • Group ride from shabitat at 17:30 tonight !

  • see you there. Alex

  • Will meet y'all at the courts!x


    Finished dissertation polo-time!!!

  • Hey guys! I am still alive! I've been swamped with work and weekends are all booked from now till August (weddings, stag dos, family events) so you wont be seeing me for a while. I will try and make it down on a Wednesday as soon as I get the time.

    Just to say that I am missing you all and missing polo :( xxxxxxxx

    PS I bent one of the adjustment screws for my front V brake arm, does anyone know where I can get a spare?

  • Come into Cranks and i'm sure we can find one dude, be nice to see you :)

  • Forecast is showers. What's everyone sayin...?

  • BBC weather says it's cloudy but no rain ! I'm in either way ! Heading down in a minute .

  • I haz dan's hoody.

    It was in my bag and I went to do a wee and then the whole jumper conversation happened. Hence me not checking my bag. Hence me having the jumper.

  • Hello Brighton, how goes Brighton polo? Has the summer arrived in town yet? Missing me and Danny?

  • We miss Danny but not you ! Ha ha only joking mate we all miss you both ! The polo retreat looked awesome ( well jel ) ! The summer is nowhere near kicking in ! We've had constant rain for about 2 weeks & it doesn't look like it's letting up anytime soon ! Did you hear about the big bmx ? broke & were gonna make the tubes into desk tidys ! Ha ha ! Hope you're all good anyway mate ? What you been up to ? X

  • Tim , I'll let ( new ) Dan know about hoodie !

  • Ha how did the BigBMX break? If you cut it up into desk tidies keep one for me!

    Yeah polo retreat was really fun, and the weather here is pretty good now, and I have an Allejandro frame on the way, which I can't ruddy wait for. Hope the Brighton tourney goes well, I'm gutted to be missing it, it was so fun last year.

  • It snapped at the top of the seat tube when Josh was hopping about ! I think those jump bike style frames aren't really meant to have the seat so high up ( especially Ally ones ) ! Yeah will make sure you get a desk tidy ( if/when it happens ) ! Ahh that's kool about your new frame ! Yeah the tourney is gonna be awesome & it's gonna be at falmer uni on those sweet courts ( did you play on it before you left ? )

  • Anyone up for soggy polo today?

  • Anyone up for some dry polo this evening ?

  • Anyone up for an earlier start tomorrow? Guaranteed court. More polo. What's not to like?

  • me and Josie are happy to start early, but it'd be nice if there was at least 4 so we can occupy a court with 2 v 2's.x

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Brighton Hard Court Bike Polo - Official Thread

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