Sort-of memes that are cracking you up at the moment

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  • I've been sliding my finger over it to bat it back and forth (I find it really difficult to do it with "just my brain"), and it's actually kind of fun.

  • It's going sidewise, no?

  • Okay the cat one is pissing me off. Either my eyes are failing me but all the cat is doing is going clockwise. Not anti.

  • Now all I can see is it going back and forth (not a full rotation). Can't get the top and bottom half to rotate independently though...

  • Wow, it levitates.

  • Cat looks 100% left to right.

  • Cat looks 100% left to right.

    that kitty swings both ways yo

  • Haters gonna hate?

    Skaters gonna skate.

  • I got the cat to go one way, then flexed my mind so hard that it went the other way, now I can't get it to go back the first way, now some people say it goes both ways.
    Well, fuck you.
    Fuck your cat.
    Fuck this way, that way.
    I'm a bit emotional right now, it's probably my period, if I had a womb.
    Don't need that shit.
    Off to bed with a box of Tunnock's Teacakes, a bottle of red and a cigar.

    To dream about rotating cats.


  • that cat is spinning and thats all there is to it. bull shit that is going back and forth. fuck off

  • I pity your undeveloped brainium

  • You calling me names or summink?

  • Focus on the tail, then start to think about where it would be in space if it were rotating the opposite way to how you're perceiving it i.e. it would be getting closer to you on the side where it currently appears to be getting further away, kind of repeat a sub-vocal mantra ('moving away, moving closer, moving away, moving closer'), the tail switches direction.

    What I then get is the top half taking a few seconds to follow suit, or to 'overpower' the tail and switch it back.

    Or the shit just happens randomly.

  • ^fuck off and die.

  • i hate these cunts who post this shit that fucks off my head.

  • Got it! ha!

    wow. time for bed.

  • (the tail thing is what did it)

  • My head hurts...

    It's like that bike

  • I dont think the cat one will work. I could get the original ballerina one to go both ways, the cat doesn't.

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Sort-of memes that are cracking you up at the moment

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