Lightweight tent recommendations?

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  • The Inertia XL (IXL) offers increased support, body mapping, coverage area, tossing room...

    I'll take 20!

  • +100000

    and 1.

  • I'm even rebuilding the Brooklyn into a fixed tourer again. :]

    I miss the Chocolate Donkey, so I'm building Black Bess!

  • You and me both.

    The BMW is still in a garage in California.

  • Was wondering about that Ed. Any plans to bring it home?

  • You and me both.

    The BMW is still in a garage in California.

    I thought you didn't like it anymore cos it was too long?

  • Yes, sooner or later, either I'll stump up the cost of shipping, or fly over and see my friends again and bring it back.

    the latter cost slightly more.

    the fit - resolved with Scherrit by looking at the geo chart again, that Brooklyn is ridiculously comfortable, I'm not getting rid of it, even with the Toe Overlap of Hell.


    Get one.

    +1 for the alpkit, I've got the 3/4 length one and it packs down to a miniscule 30x15cm quality isn't quite as good as thermarest but you're paying a fraction of the price

  • i got a mountain equip air mattress. think its 35/45mm thick? was about 70 rrp and got two in a high street shop for 35 each. deal!
    its light. not the lightest, but full size and ive taken it all sorts of places (mostly underground and abandoned buildings etc) and hadnt punctured yet

  • on one were selling the easton 1kg tent for 180 a few weeks back. apparently its big enough for two?

  • I think I've decided on an ultralight tent too...but i'm off to search for some more reviews first.

    It's been a while now. What did you get??

  • airic's are very good for the money

  • Gelert Solo One Man Tent: Sports & Leisure

    they are good, and cheap. dont get one if your much over 6' though. i fell over on mine while a little under the influence... rang up gelert and told them about it honestly expecting to have to buy some new poles and they sent me some new ones for free, excellent customer service.

  • I've been tempted by one of them mate but like you said not really if your over 6ft. I'm 6ft 2. Would be very light weight touring with just a saddle bag/ handlebar bag. hmmmm...

  • ^^ a mate of mine bought the Gelert and said exactly the same thing about being over six foot

    I bought this off the back of the reviews posted on Amazon. Its low tech and cheap, which ticks a few boxes, but might turn out to be crap. I'll be using it this weekend and report back...

    High Peak Minilite Two Man Tent:Amazon:Sports & Leisure

    Result - Was okay in the drizzle we had over the weekend. There's enough room for a tall person, plus panniers but getting in and out is a squeeze. Light, very cheap and packs up really small so that's me sorted.


    2KG tent. Very cheap for the weight. Small porch. Same kind of space as the Banshee, Hunka or Taurus.

    My tours likely to be 3-4 nights rather than weeks on end so this seems a good deal.

    Lichfield I hear is the budget line of Vaude so good heritage.

    Haven't seen this on this thread. Thoughts?

  • I saw this at ispo in february, very very comfy!

    Brought the X-Lite.

    Pocket empty.

    I'll defintely enjoy not having to lug around a thermarest anymore.

    Next step - tiny minus five sleeping bag.

  • snugpac make great small warm sleeping bags worth a look if they are still going



    I have the old version of this. A fantastic tent (once you are used to it), and packs very small. Not cheap though.

  • pete, unless this is where you got it from, Mike Hall used it on his round the world record attempt.

    liking it very much.

  • Ed, i got it in Japan while i lived there...ITS been around the world, just not with me in it, but really comfortable tent - recommended

  • I've picked up the Tarptent Scarp 1 - - for my UK Tour. I took it out camping once so far and its great - easy to set up, compact, and lightweight. Plenty of room too - its essentially big enough for 1.5 people (you'd have to be pretty snug with another person in order to share the tent with them) and comes with enough room to keep your bags dry too.

  • The cheap £25 tent that a flood victim wouldn't dare sleep in.

    Don't think it's that bad, with a few work, different pegs, string, possibly a stronger poles that doesn't look it been made by an Englishman.

    will test it out properly to make it work for Morocco, ridiculously easy to set-up.

  • Just about fit, max size I'd says 6'1.

  • looks good :)

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Lightweight tent recommendations?

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