Aerodynamics / Aerodynamic Cost / Aero parts

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  • Right- if you are going to have one wheelset that will see duty for both time trials and racing would you go for a 606 style pair with a shallower front, or an 808 style pair?

  • Which ones will you take less pictures of?

  • The slower ones

  • I think you've got the forum's answer then.

  • ^lol

    Neil, just having one pair of 808's for racing is pretty ludicrous - in fact having ridden my Rovals for 4-ish months I'm inclined to say that even 45mm deep rims are too much in anything over 10 mph wind (and I'm a heavy fucker). I would always want another pair of low profile wheels to switch to.

    For the record, I know "pro's race on 80mm" on flat stages / breakaway stages, but honestly their bike handling skills are completely out of reach of you and I.

  • Chalfie- voice of the forum.

    Dan- intention is to use the CX bike for less than clement conditions, the good bike is scared of rain so stays at home in those circumstances.

    Question is would a 606 pair be usable more of the time, to which I think the answer is yes.

    However much has been made of the aero profile of modern rims making a 90mm perform like an older 50mm- which I have been using for 1,000 miles or so now (over two wheelsets).

  • Does anyone wind tunnel test bathroom scales?

  • Rates thread 1 star

  • ^agreed

  • mergatron wos ere

  • This thread is now less aero

  • mergatron wos ere

    Posted the same link as Dammit.. in 2008..

  • Attracted the same amount of comment/interest both times it would appear.

  • Which is why bikeradar and timetriallingforum get more interest for this kind of thing.

    bikeradar >>>

  • Europcar's next TT helmet ^

  • I suppose this is a better place to ask than the TdF thread...

    Something I've been wondering is why does Wiggins use a trispoke for TTs when the rest of the peleton are sticking to 50-80mm deep rims? Can't imagine Sky not using the fastest wheel available, and it seems odd for them to be the only ones on Hed 3s.

  • it depends a lot on the type of rim. zipp 808 are fast but mavic cosmic carbones are not aero at all.

  • I suppose this is a better place to ask than the TdF thread...

    I imagine it's for one of the following reasons (or a combination of)

    1) trispoke is more aerodynamic
    2) Other riders worrying about sidewinds with trispoke, Wiggins more comfortable on it having used it consistently on the track (though obviously without wind)
    3) Some financial/logistic thing where other teams are reluctant to bring wheels that have no other purpose, or that they can't offer to all the riders. I dunno.

  • I dont understand how any of this will make any noticeable difference to a hairy legged 4th cat.

  • Dr Bobby has diagnosed you fat and hairy.

  • Not fat. Just hairy.

  • And slow.

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Aerodynamics / Aerodynamic Cost / Aero parts

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