• Did I hear 2-4-1 steaks? Where be this utopia?

  • We need Multigrooves to tell us that, and he's keeping silent sadly!
    If someone e could ask him then update?

  • Haven't hear from Multigrooves, so it's still the Duke tonight. I Should be there from 6.30 on

  • Bollocks! I conked out after work and woke up 10 mins ago. Hope everyone has/had a good time.

  • What a non-event! I turned up at 20:40hrs, and there was nobody from the forum there? WTF?

    The barman told me two(!!) cyclists had been in earlier, but had left.

    How does a social drink-up finish by 8:40pm!!??

    Its back to Southies for me, even though South-Easties is now my local.

  • passed @ 20:30 and one bikes so I rolled on home.

  • Shame I missed you mate. Its a bit posh there though, isn't it?

    I felt positively mucky in there. :))

  • I'd like to suggest an alternate venue for SE drinks: The Kings Arms on Tooley street.

    They have a half price food menu on Tuesdays (inc rack of ribs & steak see flyer)
    Yeah, it is pretty central but that means others that wouldn't normally come down could/would
    There's a decent atmoshpere on a tuesday

    What do you think?


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  • What's the price of the brown stuff like?

  • guiness or beer?

  • guiness or beer?

    Depending on my mood, either. Good idea for a pub, I'm broke so it's just me being selfish not wanting a pub any more expensive than the Duke. :)

  • £3.40 guiness
    £3.25 ish beers

    is that more or less?

  • Always liked the look of this place. Would stop for a beer on the way SE. Nice idea MG

  • Seems about the same price wise.

  • Yeah its a nice little place

  • What's the rhythms like, Vinyl?

  • That is the worst flyer I have ever seen.

    I will come though, because I am lonely on Tuesdays.

  • tricitybendix, why tricitybendix?
    I am looking for An appliance of science sticker
    Terrible news about Electrolux today, job losses.
    Hope you are not affected.

  • tricitybendix, why tricitybendix?
    I am looking for An appliance of science sticker
    Terrible news about Electrolux today, job losses.
    Hope you are not affected.

    I am not. I stole it off a romantic novelist who was using it as a pseudonym in a magazine about London.

    "And yet I can honestly say, with hand on heart, that neither former prime minister had contrived to whet my fancy with his fiscal grasp. What I was drawn to wasn't their politics, but their power, and when that aphrodisiac is fizzing through my veins, Left or Right simply doesn't come into it - I barely distinguish between the power which comes through high office and the power which comes through 13 Amp sockets, let alone that which flows from different parts of the political spectrum; once the lights are out and we're under the duvet, I'm happy to be approached from either end."
    [**Hard Shouldered by Love **- Tricity Bendix]

    I should really get a new username, but I am so oldskool now (despite my meagre post count) I am reluctant to change it.

  • Anyone around tonight?

  • According to Mr Multigrooves he will be posting details of a new pub during the course of today.

    He is promising:

    • A more central location (just by/beyond London Bridge, heading out SE
    • Two for one steak/rack of ribs food deals
    • Music
    • etc

    So- over to you Multi, where is this nirvana?

  • Thanks Tommy, didn't spot that thread. So SE Beers is @ the Kings Arms tonight

  • This is handily on my way home, I will be there at around sixish.

  • The last SE drinks was a total f*cking fiasco.......and for that reason, I'm in.

    But, where do the bikes lock up? I don't see much fencing in the photos. :(

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South East beers - Cycle PS, 41 Camberwell Church St, London SE5 8TR

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