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  • Tommmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm Sumo/Regal advised me to use copper slip on my seat post when I was suffering the same issues

    Tacx carbon paste would be better, despite the name it works just as well to prevent slipping on metal to metal interfaces.

    On the other hand, an aluminium post is a steel frame shouldn't slip unless you're a real porker, as long as you tighten it properly, which is where the torque wrench comes in. 8Nm is about right.

  • I use Tacx carbon paste as standard on all my seatposts now and they handle my 90kg no problem.

  • ^ Porn

  • ^^ Front wheel between the spokes ;)

  • Fixeh points if you can spot the pen...­=1266&pictureid=16981

    wait a minute... that's not geared. what's the bar end lever for?

  • 3 speed internal hub

  • ha! 3 speed with a wheel cover. brilliant.

  • Can anyone recommend me some pre built wheels, or a very cheap wheel build to put on my Genesis if I want to take it off road?

    I've got road rubber on my set at the moment and I'd quite like to get a second pair with cross tyres. 6 bolt hubs needed.

  • What's the rear spacing? Mavic 29er wheelset

  • Y u no centrelock? You're going to want rotors anyway. MT15 + SLX rotors for under £120

  • If you already have rotors laying around, about £105 for wheels + adapters

  • 135mm IIRC. Yeah that's the pair I was looking at. Seem good enough for what I they'll be used for...

  • Oh, just me being stupid and not thinking properly. I have six bolt now, but that won't matter on a second pair of wheels - duh. Good shout tester, thanks.

  • ^^ Front wheel between the spokes ;)

    Close. Bit difficult to read at lo res but if you look under left elbow pad it says edding on the extension. (Cut into four)

  • Not much going on, but I'd like to remove the crud racers from the Somec once the LHT is finished, they hurt my eyes. Also maybe a Ti Rolls and Record Ti seatpost in the future to match the groupset. The Dodici has remained untouched for ages, only switching between bulls and risers depending on mood/ride. Plum is same as well, although I might replace the generic seatpost with the Somec's Chorus if I find the aforementioned Record Ti.


  • anyone got any ideas on how to silence an unused brake lever?

  • You may want to elaborate...?

  • currently running one brake on my fixed but using two brake levers for their hoods on drop bars. The one lever that isn't connected rattles alot and I want to shut it up.

  • anyone got any ideas on how to silence an unused brake lever?

    Rubber band or cable tie.

  • anyone got any ideas on how to silence an unused brake lever?

    Search for "biro spring"

  • I came to that myself,thanks though, anything internal? edit: @Fahrgestell

  • Is it a sram lever?

  • defo biro spring it.

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Current Projects chat and miscellany

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