Coffee Appreciation

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  • The warm up I understand, but season the groups with coffee? What's that about?

    Get some coffee oils on the kit. Remove any Pulycaff cleaner, etc. I never drink the first shot post-cleaning.

    Here's an ubergeek talking about it:­ning-a-coffee-machine/

  • Ha - Hippy's tweaked the machine like the ozzie hoon he is and I cannae handle the pressure - rinsed through 3 litres of milk getting me foaming technique right on the new machine, pretty pleased with the espressos i'm pulling tho

  • Even with the single-hole steam tip? Come on man, get it together! :P

    Soapy water is cheaper than milk for practising btw. It took me quite a while to get the hang of it and it was damn near impossible with the 5-hole tip.

  • if either of you two perverts are selling a classic then let me know.

  • Has Bean xmas blend. Appreciated. :)

  • Has Bean xmas blend. Appreciated. :)

    Mine didn't arrive before Christmas. Gutted.

  • Doh, will be worth wait when it arrives tho...

  • Is this a massive repost? Was looking through designs of polished concrete products, and other concrety stuff. Looks cool either way.

  • ^Love this, shame it's a pony pod thingy. Nice design though.

  • Bloody hell, hippy's got a serious machine in his house.
    But what the fuck is he doing with this shit:

  • bombcup, what about this: :)

    Rancilio S26 is doing well.. plumbed the fucker in on Xmas morning and it has been helping to heat my flat since..

    S26 first coffee: and
    Its first espresso

    It pours wonderfully. Even with old coffee, it looks like a Guinness being poured into espresso glasses.

    Being plumbed in full-time is awesome. Definitely a fan of the setup although I'm not sure how much it costs to leave running 24hrs/day. Also I need to sort out either a drain-splitter (how do dish washer + washing machine combos work?) or just get a shorter drain hose and run into the sink. At the moment I have a long drain hose running into the sink which gets in the way.

    The steam wand is a beast. 4-hole and only takes a few seconds to steam a 600ml jug of milk. I need much more practice using this. I would normally change it to a 1-hole but I like the faster steaming speed.

    It's massive. It's red so it goes faster. It's awesome.

  • Depending on what is already plumbed in under the sink, an appliance branch connector should do the trick.
    Just be careful to make sure it doesn't allow a run of foul water from the sink back into any part of the coffee machine's outlet or that could cause a stink.

  • ^ That's what's there already. I need it x 2.

    This pic:

    That's the washing machine drain but I need to add the coffee machine drain too.

  • get rid of the original fitting, I don't like those ones that connect without a decent fall, a full sink emptying can sometimes back up and let some into the appliance waste, causing a smell in your w/m or d/w.

    You can get telescopic versions of the one I pictured, so you can avoid cutting the existing waste pipe (hopefully)

  • See, that ^^ is exactly what I wanted but no one could even tell me if they existed. Fucking Ealing plumber morons. Thanks. I'll see what I can find.

  • So, by telescopic, you mean the vertical part of the pipe? So it could slot in to where the current one is? That would be very nice.

  • Remember to check and take out the blanking plate they sometimes come with, to avoid a mishap!

    Yes, the telescopic bit is the bit just under the two inlets, it changes the height between where the sink waste connects and your 40mm waste pipe outlet (the grey pipe) That pic could even be a telescopic one, probably is.

  • 40mm Double Nozzle Washing Machine Utility P Trap
    Adjustable inlet

    WRAS Approved Product

    Approved UKAS Quality Management

    BBA approved

    BSI Registered
    IPHE Industrial Associate

    Conformed to BS EN ISO9001:2000

    BS EN 12056-2: 2000 requires that traps discharge to a soil stack have a 75mm seal. However other water seal depths can be installed:-

    50mm Water Seal - can be fitted to baths, shower trays and basins with spray taps and no plugs.

    38mm Water Seal - can be used on ground floor's when connecting to flat bottomed appliances that discharge to a back inlet gully.

    All traps have a 75mm Water Seal unless an alternative is stated.­t/!!HUNPWM040D!!/D007007002/Plumbing%20S­upplies%20&%20Heating%20Supplies/Waste%2­0and%20accessories/Wastes%20and%20Traps/­Traps/40mm%20Double%20Nozzle%20Washing%2­0Machine%20Utility%20P%20Trap

    Is it the water seal bit that specifies the height?

  • No.
    Don't worry about the BS stuff, everything on sale usually conforms without issue, the 75mm bit is the amount of water that gets held in the trap.

    They all vary a bit, local wickes/b&q/homebase should all have something to do the job.

    They key issue is the distance betwixt sink waste and waste outlet pipe, the size of the trap underneath is largely irrelevant.

  • bombcup, what about this: :)

    Rancilio S26 is doing well.. plumbed the fucker in on Xmas morning and it has been helping to heat my flat since..

    S26 first coffee: and
    Its first espresso

    It pours wonderfully. Even with old coffee, it looks like a Guinness being poured into espresso glasses...

    Looking real fancy Hippy. Milk looks real nice and compact, just needs a little less stretching and a little more spinning to keep the foam and milk together. You'd be surprised how little stretching you need on a full bore commercial, maybe around 5 seconds.

    I don't think there's much between leaving the machine on the whole time and starting it up from cold once or twice a day, and leaving it on is better for the machine. There's just the thought of a seal failing while you're out to get over.

  • That was the first one I'd done since plumbing it in. I've since got better with the milk but I'm still not 100% (and probably never will be, but I can try). I'm back to using the thermometer again since it heats up so fast I don't want to totally kill the milk.

    Which seals are you talking about? Are there any more likely to fail than others? It's all press-fit stuff which worries me but it seems to hold ok so far.

  • I'm just pulling your leg really, but I have heard of people returning home to find their kitchen flooded because one of the myriad o-rings or fittings has let go inside the machine. You don't need to worry about your plumbing fittings, if they let go it doesn't matter whether the machine is on or not.

    Shouldn't have mentioned it, there's no more risk than leaving your central heating boiler running and nobody ever gives that a second thought.

  • The plumbing is shit in our kitchen anyway.. insurance refit ftw.. ;)


    Power-on the machine from my phone?

  • Hippy lovin that set up! Is there a difference in the consistency of the coffee itself? Creme looks lovely. yum more coffee needed.

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Coffee Appreciation

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