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  • Mitte

  • Isn't Mitte a bitte fancy?

  • Mergetron has struck!

  • I stayed here..

  • I've been staying at the various Adinas for over a year now. The Hackescher Mkt one is new and shiny. Also has easy access to ladies of negotiable virtue and is staggering distance to Dolores.

    Those things may or may not matter to you. But goddamnit, those are some fine burritos there.

  • Thinking more of areas than specific hotels. We'll probably be hiring an apartment to cause a ruckus in.

  • I've been hanging out a bit in Prenzlauer Berg and it's very nice. But then, I used to live in Highbury and so am used to all the double buggies and organic tofu.

  • Here are my friend Virginie's tips on things to do in Berlin. It's from a couple of years ago so
    some of the places might not be around any more.

    fleamarket and see cool people after party : mauerpark fleamarket at
    sunday, subway eberswalderstr, this park (mauerpark) is a cool place
    also without market,cool view, little distroyed, live music...

    fleamarket at boxhagener platz at sunday too, in the friedrichshain area

    you have an other flea market in treptowerpark, near badeschiff
    (bar,club, swimmimg pool on the river) and club der visionäre (after
    club on the water, for free), the market is sathurday and sunday

    near from treptower park you have a cool place called "Sowjetische
    Ehrenmal ", it s in the park, and it s typically like russia in the
    second war, monumental, incredible perspective, perfect for sunset

    cool street for shopping and see people : kastanien allee and
    oderbergerstrasse in prenzlauer berg. Beautiful is the judish cimetery
    in the schönhäuserr allee street , subway senefelder platz, beautiful
    too the zionkirchplatz.

    cool street too : oranienstrasse in kreuzberg with a lot of bars, cool
    bars at kottbusser tor : möbel ölfe, monarch. In kreuzberg other cool
    street is schlesische strasse (the street is going from kreuzberg to
    treptower park.

    at tuesday and friday you have turkish market near from "landwehr
    canal" river, it s only for food but it s funny and typically

    My really favorite bar is the 8mmbar, it s for rock music, cccp is
    cool too, kaffee burger is a legend, verry funny, sanatorium at
    frankfurter allee for technom cool too

    open air bar : club der visionäre near badeschiff, and bar 25, the
    place tosee, befor it s close. near ostkreuz you have other
    underground location with not really adress

    For my part:

    • the soviet war memorial in Treptower Park is grand, especially if
      you can get there for sunset
    • is an open air bar with a skate
      park, climbing wall, loads of graffiti, good for pictures
    • East Side Gallery
    • Tacheles (if it hasn't closed, which I think it might have)
    • This place is good if you like vietnamese food - we had a noodle
      soup thing with chilli, really intense flavours:­html
    • Badeschiff - a swimming pool floating in the river, is fantastic, if
      they'll let you in. We had trouble getting in (but managed it) and
      places like Bar 25 and lots of clubs can be hard to get into.
    • Brunch on the weekend, apparently this is a Berlin institution. We
      went to­homeenglish.html and
      just hung out there filling up on lovely food watching birds and
      cyclists go by
    • Spandauer Vorstadt is a good area for bar hopping

    The hostel we stayed at was, which
    was clean and cheap.

  • Cool, thanks. I think I wentsomewhere near the East side galelry last time. I vaguely remember some day clubs and lots of people dancing and swimming in the river..

  • bar 25 is closed again ... but they will pop up again soon for sure

  • when i was there last month i saw a lfgss style meet ride with loads of people on lowrider cruisers doing laps of boxhagener sq - so wanted to join in

  • We stayed in a hostel about 10 mins walk east of Alexanderplatz, and it was like a freaking 3-star hotel anywhere else.

  • Is there a Berlin equivalent of Putney? Might be moving there, but would miss my beloved Putney

  • Man... off to Berlin Thursday!!! this was a helpfull thread! any one ever heard of the Rainbow factory, there? do they sell vintage bike parts? cheers

  • Just been to Berlin last week. Such an amazing city. Visited Keirin Cycle Cafe, and the owner allowed me to take some photos...

    ](­/29958892767515974936818.jpg/) Uploaded with[/IMG]

    ](­/30510692767474557936818.jpg/) Uploaded with[/IMG]

    ](­31060892767461583936818.jpg/) Uploaded with[/IMG]

    ](­/31853092767482541936818.jpg/) Uploaded with[/IMG]

    ](­29889092767492022936818.jpg/) Uploaded with[/IMG]

    ](­/29206092767501004936818.jpg/) Uploaded with[/IMG]

    ](­/32157192767506493936818.jpg/) Uploaded with[/IMG]

    Thought some people might like to see! Was quite dark in there as there was scaffolding on the outside of the building - hence no front of shop photo.

  • Hello, i've just moved to Berlin [Stresemannstrasse] and wondered if anyone can offer advice on the best way of getting a job besides craigslist. Very basic level of German, which is an obvious hindrance.

    Also be very grateful if anyone knows the German word[s] for track pump?


    P.s. if anyone is living in Berlin and wants to meet up for rides round the city then get in touch as i'm looking to meet new people!

  • Hello, i've just moved to Berlin [Stresemannstrasse] and wondered if anyone can offer advice on the best way of getting a job besides craigslist. Very basic level of German, which is an obvious hindrance.

    You don't say what sort of job you want and what your skills are. Having good German is the most important consideration besides that, though. There are obviously jobs around that require knowledge of foreign languages, but most will also need good German. One forumenger recently got a job as a web designer in Berlin without initially speaking great German. If you have time and money to spare, I advise doing a decent crash course in German. Always remember that German gets easier the more you learn of it, even if it's very difficult initially.

    Also be very grateful if anyone knows the German word[s] for track pump?

    There isn't one. I haven't lived in Germany for a while, but I'm pretty sure that no word has been coined in the meantime. You might be able to use "Standpumpe", as even though that sounds a little funny, people would know what you mean. "Luftpumpe" is the generic term for all 'air pumps'.

  • Thanks, will go on your advice, will have to go with the crash course option I guess. Just finished political philosophy MA but I guess that doesn't count for anything here without the language so will go for bar work meanwhile! Gonna look for a track pump tomorrow ,thanks for that translation. Think i'll definately need it having seen all these bloody cobbles everywhere..

  • Off to Berlin tomorrow. Sehr aufgeregt.

  • Hehe, the cobbles. :)

    They can be pretty nasty over here. But with enough pressure, you can fly over them too!

  • Hmm, just booked for january. Does anything still happen or does everyone just hide away as it's fucking freezing?

  • The 6-day is around the end of January.

  • I strongly recommend the Berlin Six-Days ... awesome atmosphere and great races, from Stayers to Sprinters you get everything

  • I'll be in Berlin next week. Yesssss.

    Am staying on Warschauer Platz 6 - east of Kreuzberg.

    Any bar/food/market/art/fun/concrete/music/a­rchitecture related recommendations would be greatly appreciated.

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Berlin advice

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